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Posts from January 2013

Is Your Dog #1?
The American Kennel Club's annual ranking of the most popular dog breeds found that the Labrador retriever continued to be the nation's top dog for the 22nd year in a row. The overall results showed that bulldogs and large dogs are moving up in the rankings, while once-popular smaller breeds like the Yorkshire terrier and the miniature poodle are losing ground.  Here's the list!

  1. Labrador retriever
  2. German shepherd
  3. Golden retriever
  4. Beagle
  5. Bulldog
  6. Yorkshire terrier
  7. Boxer
  8. Poodle
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Dachshund
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Did You Want The Badger Coaching Job?

When Bret Bielama quit his job as the head coach for the Badger football team, many different people wanted his job, including ordinary folk just like us!  The university advertised the job on its human resources website and many dreamers put their applications in.  A website has now shown some of the applicants via public records request from people who did not request anonymity. Among the applications you can find résumés for Utah State coach Gary Andersen, who wound up getting the job.  Other applicants were marginally less qualified. Those include a local Walgreen's pharmacist, a recent college graduate who was the captain of his football team, a veteran FedEx driver, an executive recruiter who played one season of Division III baseball, and a lawyer who listed among his "relevant experience" the fact that he has "excelled in various fantasy baseball and football leagues."  To see the fascinating list of people who applied and the cover letter they submitted, click here!
Photo Credit: Aine D via Flickr
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Step by Step! Ohhhh Baby!!
Did ya hear the news?? New Kids on The Block has announced that they will be touring this summer with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men!  They aren't coming to our city, but they are coming to Chicago and Minneapolis.  To see a list of the full tour dates, click here!
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Seven "Idol" Rejects Who Made It Big

This morning we talked about the debut of American Idol last night and some of the people who didn't even make it to the judges table in auditions.  Lucky for them, they made it A LOT bigger doing other things.  Check out the list of stars who were rejected from Idol before the made it big!

Photo Credit: Lunchbox LP via Flickr
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What Monopoly Piece Would You Kick To The Curb?

We all have our favorite piece when playing Monopoly, whether it be the shoe, top hat, wheelbarrow, clothes iron, battleship, race car, thimble or Scottie dog.  But now Hasbro thinks the game needs an update and YOU get to help.  They are letting people vote on Facebook for the piece they want to get rid of AND the new piece they would like to replace it.  You can pick between a diamond ring, guitar, toy robot, cat or helicopter.  To pick the piece you want, click here!
Photo Credit: renaissancechambra via Flickr
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Predicted Top Baby Names of 2013
Sophia and Aiden were the most popular baby names of 2012, and now, of course, experts are already trying to pick the top baby names of 2013.  Disney baby came up with a list of new and lasting baby names that have been trending.  So if you picked a name for you kid that some might call "strange", don't worry...it may be one of the most popular in a couple of years!  Here's the list:

Boy names:

Girl names:

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12 Things That Will Cost More This Year

Welcome to 2013!  Here's a list of things that will cost you more this year....

1. Cars
2. Food, mostly meat, poultry and dairy
3. Health insurance premiums
4. Grain
5. High End TVs and home theater systems
6. Computers

To see the full list and why each of these are going up in price, click here!
Photo Credit: yurilong via Flickr
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