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Wes McKane's Blog

Want to get you guy to buy you things?

I must say that I agree with about 95% of this....Ladies take note, you can get your man to get you some things that you REALLY want!!!  You're welcome! 

 5 Things Guys Like to Pay For, and 5 Things They Do NOT Like to Pay For

Things guys like to pay for!
  1. Ball game tickets
  2. Lingerie & toys
  3. A random Groupon for a really nice hotel, one night only
  4. The first thing on the first date, no matter what it is
  5. Something that you’ll enjoy for yourself, e.g. a massage, day spa, etc.

Things guys…not so much.
  1. Your cab ride home
  2. Expensive tickets to the show you insisted on seeing together
  3. The plate of food you’re only going to take two bites off of
  4. That sappy chick flick
  5. round of drinks, if you already know you’re about to dump him

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09/18/2012 7:19AM
Want to get you guy to buy you things?
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