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The Rise of Celebrity Culture. Not here, champ.

I can't  shake a  somewhat recent moment I had in front of our building. (Kissfm)  Our mailman is an amiable guy; easy to talk to, and very humble.  I enjoy our conversations. No, we're not setting the world on fire, but it's authentic discussion without the puffed up ego of who's more clever or which person is more important (according to the broken world system).  I wrapped our talk, and  then an acquaintence .. not a friend.. an acquaintence smugly oozes out of his proud mouth "Friend of yours?".  Alluding to his bent view that I'm wasting my time conversing with someone of such a normal status.

So?  What if he is my friend?  I'm not supposed to consort with somebody unless their resume is long and impressive(boring) or they've met "famous" (not really famous) people.  The rise of the celebrity culture across the country/world is baiting us into thinking that our self-worth or worse yet --our world value is only as big as the Job Title of the people we call our friends.  It's a symptom of a bigger problem-- A problem of the heart.  Search yours.. I'll be down the hall talking to the custodian.  Because he's more interesting than the last 12 "celebrities" I've talked to.

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04/28/2014 4:18PM
The Rise of Celebrity Culture. Not here, champ.
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