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Very pleased with TV this fall so far

There are 3 shows that I keep up with. In order of their importance to me: Modern Family, Gossip Girl (don't judge), and Law & Order SVU. SVU used to be my #1 but after Novak left the show in spring of 2008, the writing tanked because they stopped the law side of the show and began to focus on snagging big name actors and coming up with overly dramatic plots that offered zero insight into the law. Anyways, I digress. Season premiere of SVU was strong. The cast that has been there since day 1 is starting to get phased out (Stabler's been written out of the show). We'll see how that goes.

Modern Family? AMAZING. Better than ever. Season premiere was great, the next 3 episodes were just as fantastic. This show is the greatest pick me up on TV. Very excited about Cam & Mitch adopting another baby. Is it just me or did they make Mitch even more feminine this season? Claire is definitely more uptight than before. Gloria is funnier, Jay is more insensitive, and Luke is more... Luke. I love how they brightened up all the characters, making their personalities louder without allowing the writing to come off as forced. I have no issues with seeing this show snag every single emmy possible every year!

Gossip Girl (STOP JUDGING!) was ok. The quality of the writing went down last season. Too many cheesy 0ne-liners and dull plots. Season premiere was ok, solid B.  Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) is completely off the show. Thank goodness. She was a regular irritation.

OK. That is all. I just felt like sharing my thoughts. What are you watching this fall?

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10/01/2011 4:30AM
Very pleased with TV this fall so far
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