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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/18)

Here's that weird Matthew McConaughey commercial we've been talking about this morning. You have to admit, they're pretty odd:

Here's a cute cat video

Always make sure you properly dispose of your chewing gum, don't just throw it out or you can almost KILL a poor helpless hummingbird.

This guy races a freaking subway! Nuts.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/17)

Wes & Riggs: Extreme Makeover Edition from yesterday (ICYMI)

How to give good hugs:

High Fiving people who are hailing cabs is pretty geniusly awesome.

Jimmy Fallon did a duet with Barbara Streisand:

Adults trying 5th Grade Math:

Remember Ylvis! The Fox! They're back with another jam...

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/16)

#TakeItLiteralTuesday Episode 1: Susan is so damn lazy.

Isn't it fun to blow in a baby's face? Especially when they react like this:

Afraid of wasps? Don't watch this video - skip to the next one.

Ever been through a breakup? Pretty sure we all have, but if you haven't - here's what happens to your body.

Rapping the classifieds:

Here's a "Shake It Off" Lip Dub done a by Kentucky Fraternity. Putting their tuition to good use.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/15)

Noah, the "Apparently Kid", stars in a freaking TV COMMERCIAL! Apparently he's making enough money to put himself through college...or something.

What!? A GIANT Excavator being used to put together Legos? Such precision!

Golfer Rory McIlroy teed off for a hole-in-one. But not into the cup. The ball landed in the pants pocket of a fan along the fairway. Ha!

It's his first plane ride and he's a little freaked out...

Well played K-Mart. Your non Christmas commercial Christmas commercial is brilliant.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/12)

Our corporate people will simultaneously assault me with rulers if I post the picure, but here's the link to the pic of the guy who is having to fight to get his yearbook photo published. He's achieved temorary internet fame, so I guess he's already bigger than the yearbook - but you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

Watching Guys attempt pole dancing is hilarious.

Here's a super sad montage of sad dads at One Direction concerts. Because nothing says "I love my daughter" more than putting up with her and four of her screaming friends, spending hundreds of dollars, and taking them to a One Direction show :o)

Those bears can't play golf! Hey! Hey you, bears! Get off the course!

Napoleon Dynamite LIVES!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/11)

This cat loves being thrown around! Just my kinda feline:

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here's "99 Red Balloons" - performed using actual Red Balloons.

Having your groomsmen doing a boy band routine used to be a thing...and apparently still is a thing...

Can YOU spot a fake smile?

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/8)

Proving that music really does make the world go round, check out Musicless Music videos - they are apparently a thing. Dirty Dancing without "Time Of My Life"?!?

Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor "All About That Bass" Classroom edition.

This dog + This little girl = BFF's.

If Disney Princes were real:

I don't much care for Ohio. They have some of the worst drivers in the world. However, the Ohio State marching band is pretty legit.
Case in point:

This is the cutest win fail ever. Watch this dog take the longest pee you've ever seen in your life. Watch till the end...

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/5)

What happens when you put a GoPro on a dog and tell him to go to his favorite place? This. This video happens:

Aaron Rodgers with "Hans and Franz" from the old Saturday Night LIve skits:

This rabbit does what it wants, and operates this obstacle course like a BAWSE.

This dog doesn't want to leave the park. Just let him stay, man!

This guy throws back a WHOLE BOTTLE of Jack Daniels in 15 seconds. That's probably a bad idea, bud.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/4)

It's a Chinese Fire Drill...but with MASCOTS!

Here's more proof that cats are stupid.

This dude pretty much nails every Mumford & Sons song ever. P.S. If you're Mumford fan, this will either make you laugh or tick you off.

This U.S. Open Ball girl is getting all the attention for her mad BAG handling skills:

Here's a pug in a ball pit:

ANd finally, Heavy Metal in inappropriate places.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/3)

Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon doing the "Wheel of musical Impressions" was pretty outstanding last night:

How much stuff you will use in your life...generally speaking.

I don't think I'll ever get sick of wake up pranks. Just don't ever pull one on me...or maybe do it. Whatever.

Now, does his scream sound more like a hawk or a girl? You be the judge...

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (9/2)

Those parents who did the video christmas card are at it again with another cheesy / heartwarming video.

Here's "Baby Got Class".

He vacuums the floor of a freaking SUBWAY then eats off it. Why not?

All she wanted was some refreshing iced cream...and some bird poo.

Humlan water catapult.

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