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Twerking: A "How To Guide" for the busy mom

A Twerking Guide For The Busy Mom

1. Come up with a sexy stage name like Tweety. 

2. Put on loose clothing so you can move, preferably yoga pants. Absolutley NO SWEATPANTS. You're twerking here. 

3. Make sure Skype is turned off.  

4. Feet apart and bend your knees. 

5. Make sure no kids are watching.

6. Place hands on your hip bones. 

7. Press to move hips forward. 

8. Don't press to hard. We're getting old and hips are fragile. 

9. Pull back with fingers to move backwards. 

10. Take a video of your successful twerking and add it to facebook immediately! 

For more on twerking see the video below!


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Topics : Human Interest

08/28/2013 7:29AM
Twerking: A "How To Guide" for the busy mom
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