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Toys NOT to buy you kids this holiday season?!?!

I think we may be overthing this a touch but that's just me.   ~Wes


It's the holiday-shopping season, which means that we're about to be buried in lists of toys you should NOT buy your children. 



--The first one comes from a group called TRUCE, which stands for Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment. 



--Their list focuses on toys that discourage reading and promote early sexuality, instead of toys that could take out an eye.  They want you to know you're a terrible parent if you buy these toys for your kid:



--Monster High dolls from Mattel:  They have dangerously thin bodies which promote eating disorders, and skimpy clothes that expose them to early sexual themes.   


--Disney Fairies Tinker Bell, and the Great Fairy Rescue Play-a-Sound Book from Publications International:  In addition to a ridiculously long title, it supposedly promotes gender stereotypes.   


--The 'I Am T-Pain' Microphone by ProTunes:  It Auto-Tunes your voice to make it sound like T-PAIN.  TRUCE says it, quote, "inhibits imaginative play", and you can meet predators online when you download new songs. 

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11/17/2011 7:36AM
Toys NOT to buy you kids this holiday season?!?!
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11/19/2011 7:14AM
Monster High dolls
Wow, How about Monster High dolls,may increase empathy and teach your child to accept indiviudal differences and to not be afraid of children who may look or act differently than they do (ie. physical injury or autism ??????)
11/21/2011 7:15AM
Monster High dolls
What, are you a rep for Mattel!?! Holy sh** that doll is even worse than most dolls!!! And what part of sexed up dolls makes children act nicer!!! They'll probably make fun of FAT KIDS!!! of which there are more than disabled children.
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