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The Ways Women And Men Spend $ Differently

Would you agree that women and men do a lot of things differently? (or in my opinion, most everything)

Well a recent survey reveals the very true differences between how women and men spend their money, see if you agree...
1.  Guys spend more on booze.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, single men spend around $500 annually, compared to $216 for women.
With that said, women tend to drink less, simply because they're smaller.  Plus, a guy is more likely to buy a woman a drink than the other way around. (I agree)
2.  Women give more to charity, and they're also more LIKELY to give.  That's according to the 2010 report from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
In every single income group, households that were headed by women were more likely to give to charity.  And even in the group with the lowest income, women gave almost twice as much. (I totally agree, pay attention at work, women are way more generous than men in my opinion)
3.  Men and women both like to shop when they're feeling depressed, but they buy different things. 

In one survey, women ranked clothing as the number one item they spend money on when they need some retail therapy, followed by food and shoes.
Men chose food as number one, then electronics, then music or movies. (Again I agree, but I actually fall in both categories here)
4.  Women are more likely to search for a deal. 

According to data compiled by the website 8coupons.com, women take about 40% longer to make a purchase.  And they're also more likely to compare prices at different stores.

(This one is a push for me, I feel like they guys around me are as savvy as the girls when it comes to searching out deals)

What about you... do you agree with the findings above?

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06/04/2013 7:10AM
The Ways Women And Men Spend $ Differently
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