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The Things We Love In OTHER Peoples Bathrooms

Osseous via Flickr

Using the bathroom at someone else's house is always a gamble . . . you NEVER know what you'll find in there.


So what's something you're ALWAYS happy to see in someone else's bathroom, other than the obvious answer, toilet paper?  Here are six of the most popular answers . . .



1.  A lit candle.  It smells nice, keeps the room from being completely dark when you walk in, and makes you feel like you're someplace super classy.



2.  A small trash can next to the toilet with a lid on it.



3.  A fan that can mask noises and circulate air.



4.  A clean hand towel to wipe your hands on, so you're not using someone's shower towel.



5.  A lock on the door.



6.  A plunger.  Just in case. 





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05/29/2014 8:00AM
The Things We Love In OTHER Peoples Bathrooms
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