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Men Are Only Willing To Do This For 26 Minutes!

Do you like shopping?

What's the store you shop at most?

For me the answer are yes, and I probably spend the most $ each year at Target... even though I'm only intending to pick up a few items, you know how it goes.

According to a new survey, the thing men hate doing with their wife or girlfriend most of all is . . . SHOPPING! 

But ladies, you have a window.  Because even though they hate it, men are willing to put up with it for 26 minutes.  After that, they get bored, and they're ready for shopping to be DONE.    
That's a problem, because the average woman says shopping only gets boring for her after TWO HOURS.  

I find that we'll put up with more if it's a store for both genders, but when it's a store like Michael's I get really bored!
Half of all men said that they try to avoid shopping with their woman whenever possible . . . and one in four guys have LEFT her at the mall and driven home after they couldn't take it anymore.   
Half of men wander around the store after they get bored . . . one in three guys go outside to wait . . . and one in five kill time by CHECKING OUT OTHER WOMEN in the store.   

The 2 things I would do if I had a store is have a highly visible area or areas with TV's for the guys to sit and wait (there'd be food & drinks for sale if possible) also I'd make sure there was more seating near dressing rooms!

What about you, what would you do?

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07/09/2013 5:51AM
Men Are Only Willing To Do This For 26 Minutes!
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