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The Reality Behind Some Of Your Favorite Reality TV Shows

Are you a fan of reality TV?

On some degree, we all watch reality TV... and on some degree we all know that it's a little fake right?

Well, the site Cracked.com has put out a list 5 Depressing Realities Behind Popular Reality TV Shows . . . and for the most part, they didn't resort to the OBVIOUS ones, like:  None of the couples from "The Bachelor" stay together!
Here's the list...
No One from "The Biggest Loser" Can Keep the Weight Off

Quote, "Almost every 'Biggest Loser' winner has gained back a chunk of the weight he or she lost.  They aren't doing anything except training on the show.
"Once it's over, they go back to their normal 9-to-5 lives, which typically do not include controlled diet and exercise.  They cannot possibly continue a weight loss program as intense as the one on the show."
Almost Every Restaurant on "Kitchen Nightmares" Goes Out of Business

Only about a third of the restaurants GORDON RAMSAY 'rescues' actually manage to stay open once he leaves them . . . and the number drops as time goes on.
For instance, in the first two seasons of the show (2007 to 2009), he rescued 21 restaurants.  Only two are still open.
The People on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" Can't Afford to Keep Their New Homes 

Sure, the show's producers may cover all the construction costs, but the lucky homeowners are left on their own to maintain it, and to figure out how they're going to cover the utility bills and property taxes that have skyrocketed as a result of their extreme home makeover.
Oprah Makes People Pay for Their Free Cars

Unfortunately, receiving a luxury item as a prize on a TV show doesn't exempt you from having to pay the accompanying taxes."  (Just like on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition")
Technically, Oprah could've saved the audience from paying taxes by declaring the cars "gifts" and not "prizes" . . . but in order to do that, she probably would've needed to pay for them herself. 

She didn't, they were donated by the manufacturer in exchange for the publicity.
Storage Wars" Capitalizes on People's Misfortune . . . and Is Probably Staged

The reason these abandoned treasures are abandoned is that the original owners of the units failed to make their rent payments.
This is because they could no longer afford them due to unemployment, homelessness (hence putting all their belongings in a storage locker), divorce, or illness, or because they had DIED and were therefore no longer able to pay."
There have also been accusations that the show is FAKE . . . particularly by former star DAVE HESTER . . . who claimed that the producers would PLANT valuable items in otherwise worthless lockers, and that the auctions themselves were scripted.

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02/19/2013 8:57AM
The Reality Behind Some Of Your Favorite Reality TV Shows
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