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The People You Feel Like You Have To Tip

Are you a good tipper?  

Either way, I think we can all agree that there's people that we feel like we have to tip right?

According to a survey, two in five people say they rarely or NEVER leave money in the tip jar at a restaurant or a coffee shop.
But like I said, there are times when we feel like we HAVE to leave a tip. 

Here are the 10 people we feel most obliged to tip...
#1.)  Waiters and waitresses:  87% of us feel like we have to tip them.
#2.)  Hairstylists:  69%.
#3.)  Bartenders:  62%.
#4.)  Taxi and limo drivers:  60%.
#5.)  Valets:  54%.
#6.)  Bellhops:  52%.
#7.)  People who give manicures, pedicures, and waxings:  41%.
#8.)  Delivery people for furniture and appliances:  38%.
#9.)  The people who give you massages, facials, and skin treatments:  35%.
#10.)  Restroom attendants:  22%. 

My only tipping problem now days is what to give the curbside to go people or the host or hostess when I get food to go?

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04/05/2013 9:17AM
The People You Feel Like You Have To Tip
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