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The Age You'll Start Turning Into Your Mother

Do you think you're just like one or both of your parents?

If not, you will be!

According to a new survey, women notice they're turning into their mother at age 31.   
More than HALF of women said that in their early 30s, they started using the same sayings as their moms, watched the same shows, had the same hobbies, and shared the same taste in men.   And one in four said it happened at age 31.
One in 20 women thought that they turned into their mother when they were in their 20s . . . and one in four said it happened in their late 30s.  One in 10 said it didn't happen until after age 40.

The women said the main cause for the transformation was the same thing that made THEIR mother who she was . . . having kids. 

One in three women said that they noticed they were becoming more like her after having kids of their own.
And maybe the biggest surprise was that 51% of women said they were OKAY with becoming their mother. 

I'd have to say, like some of you, I'm a hybrid of my parents... some aspect of both.

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06/06/2013 7:30AM
The Age You'll Start Turning Into Your Mother
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