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The 10 biggest complaints men have about women.

The website eHarmony.com just released a list of the 10 biggest complaints men have about women. Since it was probably compiled by some really jaded dude who writes for them, you may or may not agree . . . but here's their list:

#1.) Women see men as projects they can fix.

#2.) Hollywood has given women unrealistic expectations about romance.

#3.) Women are always looking down the road for the next step . . . like "What are we?" or "Are we exclusive yet?" or "Are we going to get married?"

#4.) Women use emotions as a weapon.

#5.) Women have a tendency to be critical.

#6.) Women like to play coy.

#7.) Women fixate on trying to figure out what men are thinking, instead of watching what men are doing.

#8.) Women don't understand or like men's desire for alone time.

#9.) Women have a complex set of double standards.

#10.) Women want men to change . . . then lose respect when they do.

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07/02/2012 7:00AM
The 10 biggest complaints men have about women.
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05/15/2013 2:08AM
The list is BULLSHIT
Here's the REAL list specifically toward women physically attractive enough to be wanted. Your list is mostly stuff after the relationship begins. This is an American list. 1. No matter how much money the guy makes its never enough 2. From birth they are falsely programed as to the minimum they are entitled to by big corporations. Big corporations want people to be single they spend more money that way. This one alone deserves its own sub top 10 list. 3. Women get advice from their friends when analyzing goings on in the relationship and then relay what was said to the man with "my friend Mary says" 4. They lie and deny all the time and when confronted they RARELY admit this, yet when were pulling out the hide-abed. 5. Put to much stock in what their parents think about us. 6. Use sex as a weapon. 7. Send "signals" only the NSA can decode or even detect. 8. Uses his financial income and quality and quantity of his material possessions as a deciding factor if she will give him a shot. 9. Women don't date a lot of men they expect to find the perfect man thru careful investigation of whats on "paper" 10. OVERVALUE THEIR VAGINAS!!!!
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