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The #1 Thing People Want To Do On Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day... blah blah blah!

I've decided that today is like tipping 15% for those of us in a relationship, meaning you have to follow the norm or you're a big jerk!

So what are your plans tonight?  Here's what everybody else is doing.

You may be surprised to know that the number one thing single people want to do on Valentine's Day is . . . hang out with their pets. 

Number two?  Eat dinner alone. (Wow, that's kinda sad)
Ladies, if you're dying to watch a chick flick that you haven't had time for, tonight's the night!  73% of guys say that if they watch a romantic comedy tonight, but just know they're doing it because it will lead to sex.
No surprise that people are approximately TWICE as likely to get engaged on Valentine's Day as any other day of the year.
This takes the "giving you my heart" aspect of Valentine's Day WAY too literally.  Today is also NATIONAL DONOR DAY.  So if you don't have a date, feel free to go give away a kidney!
Finally, if you haven't made your dinner plans yet, you should check out OpenTable.

Just know that If you're trying to make a reservation on OpenTable and the restaurant you want is all booked, then you should try calling. 

Reason being, OpenTable charges restaurants $1 for each reservation, so sometimes they don't put all of their available slots on the site.

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02/14/2013 7:10AM
The #1 Thing People Want To Do On Valentine's Day
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