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Wes McKane's Blog

Quick get outta here???

I LOVEEEEE weekends when my my family can all jump in the car and take a quick trip somewhere fun and seems like we are at a far away resort.  When we do get that chance to do you know where we head???  Keylime Cove in Gurnee IL!  We love this place and have made many long lasting memories there!  Our favorite part at Keylime Cove is the waterpark!  My two sons and I hit the water slides and play hoops in the pool...and my fiancee Ashley and daughter relax in the lazy river and bounce in the wave pool.  After we are water logged it's arcade time until I can't carry anymore prizes!  Then off to one of the great places to eat at Keylime then to our very spacious room!  All in all Keylime Cove is one of our favorite weekend get away spots and my number 1 favorite because of how close to Milwaukee it is!!!  Have fun there NOW!  www.keylimecove.com
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Take the kids!

I know with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season you don't really think about taking a mini-vacation but I think it is the PERFECT time!  Keylime Cove in Gurnee IL is the perfect place to take a lil weekend get away!  I just did it with my kids about three weeks ago and they LOVED it!  I even took my 12 year old daughters best friend and she said "I am having my parents move my birthday party here!!!"  She loved it so much because of the aracade and waterpark but also because of how close it is to Milwaukee.  It's an easy trip for her parents to make!  And you too!  So as we get carried away with plans over the next few weeks take a lil time to do something that your family will treasure and remember for years....Take them to Keylime Cove!!!!  www.keylimecove.com
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~I HATTTTTTEEEEE the cold!  I NEED a vacation in some nice tropical weather!  Well.....that ain't happening!  So here is an even better idea: Keylime Cove in Gurnee IL!  I love this place and my kids do even more then I do for obvious reasons like the water park, arcade, shops, activity rooms, shops, ice cream parlor...I could go on and on!  But the main reasons that I love it is the spacious rooms, very afforadabe and just a 45 minute drive from Milwaukee! Listen my kids are close in age so they fight A LOT but it seems when we go to Keylime Cove that all gets thrown to the wayside and they act like best friends because they are having the time of their lives!  Do this as a favor to your family and to YOURSELF...Go to Keylime Cove asap!  There is plenty of time before Christmas and plenty of need for some good tropical fun right in our own backyard!!! www.keylimecove.com
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Family fun!!!

I got a chance a couple of weeks back to go back to one of my favorite spots in the area...Keylime Cove!  I haven't been there in a few years and once there I remembered how AWESOME this place is!  When you have 3 kids, 11, 7 and 6 you NEED action and Keylime Cove most definatly has that!  I feel like I didn't even see my kids from the moment we walked in!  The arcarde, the activity rooms and the water park will give your kids endless hours of fun!  The moment I posted I was there people on Facebook started either saying that they love it there or have always wanted to go...so I say DO IT NOW!  The weather sucks and it would be a great early Christmas gift for your family!  It's only a 45 minute drive to Gurnee from Milwaukee so make the trek!!!!!  www.keylimecove.com
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Cake and eat it??

You really can have your cake and eat it too!  When it comes to a car you can find the one that is sporty and fun to drive.  A head turner with millions of options. FINALLY can comfortably fit your entire family.  That is what I found In a MINI Cooper!  Six speed manual transmission and corners on rails.  Amazing options like all wheel drive, heated seats, and a panoramic moon roof just to name a few of their 10 MILLION customizable options on their 21 versions of MINI Cooper.  And though I am engaged and have three VERY active in sports kids, we all fit very well in our MINI including all of the bags of gear!  So take my lead on this one and go try a MINI out today.  Swing by International MINI on HWY 100 or check out your next car now at www.internationalmini.com.
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Most Popular Christmas Toys of All Time!

Kids today might THINK they have great options to choose from when it comes to Christmas presents.  But any adult knows that the Christmas presents WE got as kids were WAY cooler.  And according to this list, we're RIGHT.

A department store in England looked at its records dating way back to 1950, and came up with a list of the most popular toys that have been sold during the holidays.  Here are the top ten.

1.  Cabbage Patch Dolls

2.  Rubik's Cubes

3.  Monopoly

4.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures

5.  Buzz Lightyear

6.  Barbie Dolls

7.  Teletubbies

8.  Furbies

9.  Calico Critters, which were little animal dolls that were originally called "Sylvanian Families" back in the '80s.  And they were more popular in England and Japan.

10.  Legos 


(Daily Mail)

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Things We REFUSE To Pay For...

Everyone has one or two things they COULD afford, but REFUSE to pay for . . . on PRINCIPLE.  Here are five of the best ones . . .

1.  Carry-on bag fees, like the ones on Spirit Airlines.  It's one thing to pay for checked bags, but paying just to bring a bag on the plane is CRAZY.

2.  Hotel WiFi.  It's always mediocre and unreliable . . . and it seems like the cheaper hotels give it to you free, while the expensive hotels charge you.

3.  ATM fees.  Somehow it's always worth tracking down your bank's ATM, just to avoid feeling ripped off by the two bucks you have to pay at other ATMs.

4.  Candy Crush.  The entire game is based on getting you ADDICTED, so you start paying for extra lives, moves, and power-ups.  And once you pay for them ONCE, you'll do it again.

5.  Drinks for girls who appear next to you when you're standing at the bar, then disappear right after you hand them a drink.



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The Average Woman Is Already Getting Ready for Christmas party season!?

Here's yet another sign we're letting Christmas COMPLETELY take over November.  According to a new study, the average woman has already started getting ready for Christmas party season.


And the average woman puts in 49 hours over the next five weeks or so preparing for Christmas parties.  Here's how that breaks down . . .


21 hours of shopping for outfits.


18 hours at the gym working out.


Six hours researching a hairstyle, then getting their hair done.


Four hours of makeup, fake tanning, and teeth whitening.


The study also found women will spend more time preparing for Christmas party season than any other major event . . . including a friend's wedding, New Year's Eve, a birthday party, or a big date.

(Daily Mail)

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10 Things We all do - But won't admit

Let's face it, there are things pretty much EVERYONE does . . . but no one admits doing.  And yes, just by bringing it up, we're kinda admitting that WE do them too.  But try to ignore that.



Here are the 10 things we ALL do . . . but won't admit doing.



1.  Unfairly judging people at first glance . . . sometimes based on gender or race.



2.  Changing a story just a little bit as you tell it, to make it better.



3.  Picturing a couple having sex when you find out they're pregnant.



4.  Talking to yourself at home, in the car, and maybe even in public.



5.  Replaying fights and arguments in your head . . . only THIS time, you say all those brilliant things that came to you afterwards, and YOU win the argument.



6.  Fantasizing about getting hit by a car or catching a disease . . . not life threatening, but just bad enough to get you out of work for a while.



7.  Admiring what you left behind in the toilet . . . especially after having explosive diarrhea.  Then wondering if everyone ELSE does it too . . . models, the president, whoever . . . and realizing they probably DO.



8.  Smelling your finger after you put it somewhere bad.  Whether it's your crack, armpit, ear, belly button, between your toes, wherever.



9.  Stalking people on Facebook . . . and taking some pleasure in their unhappiness.



10.  Skipping washing your hands . . . but running the water in case someone's listening.





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10 Things That Will ALWAYS Be Awkward

 What's something people do that NEVER STOPS being awkward?  Besides "your mom."  HI-YO.  But seriously, folks.  Here are the top 10 things we do that are ALWAYS awkward. 



1.  Accidentally making eye contact with someone over and over.


2.  Responding to someone's question, then realizing they're talking on a Bluetooth.


3.  When you clog the toilet at someone else's house.


4.  Sitting there when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you . . . especially when it's the staff at a restaurant.


5.  Doing that little side-to-side dance when you're walking toward a stranger and neither one of you knows which way to go.


6.  Being friendly and saying "Hi" to a stranger at the grocery store . . . then bumping into them over and over in different aisles.


7.  When someone you haven't seen in a while remembers your name . . . and you can't remember theirs.


8.  Fist bumping a high five, and vice versa.


9.  Asking someone to pay you back, especially when it's not a lot of money and a lot of time has passed since they borrowed it.


10.  When someone says, "Well this is awkward" during a pause in a conversation.  Because now it's even MORE awkward, jackass.





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