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Spending too much time on your facade?

Facebook, twitter, and every other site is an opportunity for you to genuinely reach out to people.....

1. you care about
2. you find interesting/share interests
3. can be valuable in your network. 

I see lots of people Fail and fall into the twitter/facebook Messiah complex; desperately trying to create the false "coolness".  Are you talking with people or are you just talking AT the masses of folks ?(who are certainly Not paying attention to you due to this affected behavior) 

The era of "cool" is over.  Quirkiness and geekiness is in. Just look around, if you can pull yourself away from your smart/not really smart phone for 5 seconds.  The world wants an escape from the pressure.  The pressure of being cool is unwanted.  Trying to perpetuate a facade that we  once embarrassinly bought into ... prior to 2008..... is now laughable and ignorable. 

 Relax, big stick.  Your last tweet/post just got washed away by the 70 others that followed 5 seconds later. You want to be remembered?  Meh.  You want to strike up real relationships?  Now, THAT will last.

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07/12/2012 4:30PM
Spending too much time on your facade?
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