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Wes McKane's Blog

So you died....What do you wanna know?

If You Could Watch Your Own Funeral, What Would You Be Most Curious About?

It's not morbid to think about your own funeral. Everyone does it. Plus, don't you kinda want to know how it would go down?

--A new poll asked people what they'd be MOST curious about if they could watch their own funerals. Here's the breakdown . . .

--51% of people say they're most curious about what people would say about them in their eulogies.

--19% are worried about the numbers, and would be most curious to know how many people were there.

--11% would want to see if any surprise visitors showed up.

--And 7% would be most curious about how they look in the casket.

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06/06/2012 7:00AM
So you died....What do you wanna know?
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