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Leigh McNabb's Blog


Geez, Kevin!  A little harsh aren't you?

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I'm that Person

Yes!  I'm the one.  The one that will be complaining about winter for it's entirety.  I know it won't help.  I know it's annoying.  I can't help it.  I've lived in this climate my whole life and it never gets easier.  I haven't been warm in a week.  I sleep in 75 layers with a heater and 40 blankets.  

I'm the perky one.  The glass half full kind.  But when it comes to this...the frigid fingers of winter around my neck, I just can't do it.

This uplifting blog has been brought to you by spiked hot chocolate!
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if you joined us Sunday, September 22nd on Milwaukee's lake front for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  We have the opportunity to give back and have a good time doing it.  You can sign up at http://www.1037kissfm.com .  Not convinced?  Maybe these dorky vids will help!



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It's NEVER Too Late

Seriously!  If your excuse for not enrolling in classes at Gateway Techinical College is that you waited too long - THAT'S NOT A THING!  It's not too late to not only enroll but also get financial aid!  Get the scoop at http://www.gtc.edu .  If they let me on campus, you're a shoo-in!  See ------->

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Cha cha cha changes!!

I've been learning the past few weeks that change is a little more difficult for me than I previously liked to admit.  It's, obvi, the fear of the unknown.  That's why a change like furthering my education at Gateway Techincal College doesn't stress me out.  There's no fear of the unknown.  I know I'll make more money when I'm done.  I know I'll be getting a quality education.  I know I'll be more than satisfied with the price!  I know because I've been!  Yep, they actually let me crash some classes.  You can check it out for yourself at  http://www.gtc.edu or in the wacky vid below.

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Can you believe...

...it was a year ago today that the shootings happened at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek?  If you're able to participate in tonight's remembrance activities the details are below.  If nothing else, hug someone you love today! 
- Leigh

The event will take place at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin at 7512 S. Howell Avenue at 7:30 PM.
One-Year Anniversary Remembrance Event to Take Place at Sikh Temple of Wisconsin; Participants to Read Names of Americans Killed by Gun Violence
Event is Part of "No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence" Bus Tour;
          On Monday, August 5th, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin will hold a remembrance event in Oak Creek to mark the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at the temple that killed six worshippers and left four others injured. Participants include families of victims, the sister of a slain Newtown teacher, Mayors Tom Barrett of Milwaukee and Steve Scaffidi of Oak Creek, U.S. Attorney James Santelle, local law enforcement officials, and faith leaders.
          They will join together in a day of remembrance and a call to action, urging America's leaders to take meaningful action to reduce gun violence nationwide. Prior to a press conference featuring remarks from this group, participants will read the names of victims of gun violence victims from across the country - including the victims of the temple shooting.
Every day, 33 Americans are murdered with guns in this country. "No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence" is part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns' ongoing, national effort to continue raising awareness to the issue of gun violence in America - and most importantly, to urge elected officials to prioritize the safety of the people they represent.
What:   Remembrance Event to Mark One-Year Anniversary of Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek
Who:                  - Carlee Soto, sister Victoria was killed in the Newtown shooting
-   Amardeep and Pardeep Kaleka, father killed in Sikh Temple shooting
-   Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee
-   Mayor Steve Scaffidi of Oak Creek
-   U.S. Attorney James Santelle
-    Kamal and Harpreet Saini, sons of Parmjit Kaur, who was killed in Sikh Temple Shooting
-    Family of Sita and Ranjit Singh, both victims of Sikh Temple shooting
-    Family of Sardar Suveg Singh Khattra, grandfather killed in Sikh Temple Shooting
-    Family of Prakash Singh, victim of Sikh Temple shooting
-    Elvin Daniel, sister Zina was murdered in the Brookfield spa shooting
-    Colin Goddard, survivor of Virginia Tech shooting and representative from the Brady Campaign
-     Sam Granillo, survivor of the Columbine High School shooting
-     Nardyne Jeffries, mother of Brishell Jones, who was murdered with a gun in Washington, DC
-     Reverend Willie Brisco
Where:                Sikh Temple of Wisconsin
                                7512 S. Howell Avenue
                                Oak Creek, Wisconsin
When:                  Monday, August 5th at 7:30 p.m.
For interview requests in advance and on-site, please contact Stacey Radnor at 202-870-6668.
About Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Since its creation in April 2006, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has grown from 15 members to more than 1,000 mayors from across the country. With more than 1.5 million grassroots supporters - including more than 29,000 in Wisconsin - the coalition is the largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization in the country. The bipartisan coalition, co-chaired by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, has united the nation's mayors around these common goals: protecting communities by holding gun offenders accountable; demanding access to crime gun trace data that is critical to law enforcement efforts to combat gun trafficking; and working with legislators to fix weaknesses and loopholes in the law that make it far too easy for criminals and other dangerous people to get guns. Learn more at www.MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns.org.
                The coalition includes 23 member mayors in Wisconsin: Mayor JanAlyn Baumgartner of Adams; Mayor Wayne R. Schmidt of Algoma; Mayor William C. Whalen of Ashland; Mayor Larry MacDonald of Bayfield; Mayor Jerome A. Tepper of Glendale; Mayor Gene Rosin of Kaukana; Mayor Keith Bosman of Kenosha; Mayor Paul Fisk of Lodi; Mayor Paul R. Soglin of Madison; Mayor Justin M. Nickels of Manitowoc; Mayor Chris L. Meyer of Marshfield; Mayor Kurt Sonnentag of Middleton; Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee; Mayor Robert Miller of Monona; Mayor Steve Scaffidi of Oak Creek; Mayor Charles Peterson of Phillips; Mayor John Dickert of Racine; Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls of Saint Francis; Mayor Bruce C. Hagen of Superior; Mayor John J. Rusch of Tomah; Mayor Scott Griffiths of Washburn; Mayor James E. Tipple of Wausau; and Mayor Kathy Ehley of Wauwatosa.
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Take a Look --------->

I'm more of a visual person so I'll let this one speak for itself.  

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer was shown at Comicon over the weekend. I can not wait until it's release on Nov. 22nd! Check it out ----->
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Full House Flashback!!!!

Did you miss Jesse and the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon last night?  Where were you priorities, young lady?  Don't worry...I gotcha!!!!

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Fall into a New Career!!

Yes, summer is here.  Patios are open, drinks have condensation and my knee pits are sweating...hot!  So, what comes after summer?  Fall and BACK TO SCHOOL time!  Have you thought about going back to school?  Starting a new career?  Advancing in the career you're already in?  All of this can be done at Gateway Technical College.

Gateway offers over 65 areas of study.  They have multiple campuses in southeastern Wisconsin and IT'S AFFORDABLE!  You can even take classes at Gateway while you're still in high school to get ahead and your high school will pay for it!  It's true!

Sound too good to be true?  Well, then check it out for yourself.  You can peep their website -----> http://www.gtc.edu/ or take a break from stalking your ex on facebook and check them out there!
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