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Wes McKane's Blog

Sharp dressed man???

I thought I dressed pretty well!  Am I wrong?!?!  Someone PLEASE tell me if I'm lookin a lil crae-crae won't you!?!?

More than a third of men in a relationship (37 percent) don't buy any of their own clothing and almost half

 (48 percent) are completely clueless as to their own clothes size.

 As for those men who do clothes shop, 26 percent would only do so when their existing wardrobe was too worn to wear -- and would then buy items based purely on price rather than appearance.

 The poll of 2,000 women aged 50 and over found that the average man had totally given up on caring about his appearance by the age of 37.

 As a result, nearly 59 percent of women admitted they felt forced to intervene and style their man because their partners' dress sense was either outdated and ageing (18 percent), unstylish and ill-fitting (31 percent) or just plain embarrassing (19 percent).

Well I still dress myself and think I look good.....am I wrong!?!?!?  Someone tell me if I look out dated won't ya?!

08/08/2012 7:05AM
Sharp dressed man???
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08/08/2012 8:59PM
To Vest or Not to Vest
Thought I'd let you know that in a recent issue of Cosmo-A Surefire Clue He's a D-Bag article it states that if he's wearing a vest run....I've seen you in this article of clothing...ditch it and get updated.
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