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See Your House In A Snow Globe

So this is very cool....it's a website where you can type in your address and see your house in a snow globe!  My aunt sent it to me and I thought it was pretty neat.  So check it out!  Here is the website to see your house in a snow globe!

Photo Credit: Identity Photogr@phy via Flickr

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12/04/2012 6:28AM
See Your House In A Snow Globe
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12/07/2012 6:35AM
19279 Mabel court, Culpeper, Va.22701
This is my home
12/07/2012 6:38AM
Culpeper, Va.
I would like to see it in a Snow Globe
12/07/2012 6:42AM
Culpeper, Va.
I would love to see my home in a snow globe
12/09/2012 3:09PM
house in a snow globe
It would be amazing with a capital A
12/11/2012 1:30PM
Enter your home address where? And how is a residence supposed to appear in a "snow globe?" No thanks...I don't want to be spammed/scammed.
12/14/2012 7:25AM
It will not let me put an address in; their is no option to.
12/09/2013 12:55PM
House in a Snow Globe
Cannot see it. Did you cancel the website? Please bring it back, sooooo much fun. Thank you
12/14/2013 9:52AM
House in a Snow Globe
I did this last year. Will not work this year. Is there another website?
12/17/2013 12:38AM
House in a Snow Globe
I can't find it and the website refuses to come up. What am I doing wrong???
12/27/2013 6:33AM
I want to see my home in a snow globe but it won't work.
is there another site?
03/28/2014 11:27PM
snow globe
I too did this last year but it won't work. Is there another site?
04/06/2014 5:32PM
This is so cool
04/15/2014 8:47AM
I ..cannot get into the site would you please bring it back or give me anther site where it will work. thanks
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