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SOOO True! Seven Weird Things We All Do but Never Talk About..

In case you don't realize how similar we all are, we've got a list here of seven weird things that EVERYONE does. Basically, it's stuff you probably do all the time. You just never talk about it. 

#1.) You Keep Singing Along to a Song After You Leave the Room. Then when you come back, you see if you're still in sync with it.

#2.) When You're Writing the Word "Wednesday," You Sound It Out in Your Head as "Wed-Nes-Day." And you probably do the same thing with the word "beautiful." You sound it out as B-E-A-U-tiful.

#3.) You Write the Wrong Date on a Check So You Look More Responsible. Like when you're supposed to mail a check by the first of the month, but you don't get around to sending it until the third.

#4.) You're Cooking Something Like Macaroni & Cheese, and You Throw Away the Package Too Soon. So you have to dig it out of the trash to look at the directions again.

#5.) Your Cell Phone Is Covered in Smudges. So you wipe the screen with your thumb until all the smudge marks are going in the same direction. 

#6.) You Make a Mistake While You're Entering Your Password on a Website. But instead of using the backspace key, you delete the whole thing and start over.  

#7.) You Hate the Sound of Your Microwave Beeping. So you always stop it when there's one second left.

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07/23/2012 7:19AM
SOOO True! Seven Weird Things We All Do but Never Talk About..
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