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Posts from November 2013

BLOG: The World's Highest Paid Musicians...who topped the list?

The unstoppable list-makers at "Forbes" have released their annual rundown of The World's Highest-Paid Musicians.  The estimates are based on total earnings from June of LAST year up through this past June.

So no recent tours would be included.  It's annoying that the data isn't current . . . but that's what Forbes does.  They have one measurement period, and they slowly release these lists over the rest of the year.

MADONNA topped the list with $125 million.  A lot of that money came from her 2012 MDNA Tour.  Like Madonna, most of the artists on the list made a bulk of their money from TOURING and SIDE BUSINESSES . . . not from actual music sales.


Here's the list:

1.  Madonna, $125 million

2.  Lady Gaga, $80 million

3.  Bon Jovi, $79 million

4.  Toby Keith, $65 million

5.  Coldplay, $64 million

6.  Justin Bieber, $58 million

7.  Taylor Swift, $55 million

8.  Elton John, $54 million

9.  A tie between Beyoncé and Kenny Chesney, with $53 million apiece.

11.  Diddy, $50 million

12.  Paul McCartney, $47 million

13.  Calvin Harris, $46 million

14.  Jennifer Lopez, $45 million

15.  Roger Waters, $44 million

16.  A tie between Muse and Rihanna, with $43 million apiece.

18.  A tie between Jay-Z and One Direction, with $42 million apiece.

20.  A tie between Dr. Dre and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with $40 million apiece.

22.  A tie between the Rolling Stones and Katy Perry, with $39 million apiece.

24.  Tim McGraw, $33 million

25.  A tie between Pink and Tiesto, with $32 million apiece.


(For more information, hit up Forbes.com.)

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60% of us have seen a drunk co-worker

Most companies will start throwing holiday parties in the next few weeks.  So here's something to remind you what a drunken MESS they can be.


According to a new poll, 60% of us have seen a coworker get drunk and do something EMBARRASSING at a holiday party.  Here are the top five drunken things people do.


1.  50% have seen a coworker get drunk and share inappropriate details about their own life.


2.  45% have seen a drunk colleague hitting on a coworker.


3.  43% have seen a coworker try to drive after drinking too much.


4.  35% have seen a coworker get drunk and start throwing around profanity.


5.  30% have seen a drunk coworker get into an argument.


(PR Newswire)

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White Lies We ALL Tell...

Every good relationship is built on trust . . . and WHITE LIES.  Here are the top ten white lies people tell their significant other . . .


1.  The kids ate all the junk food.


2.  I'm not planning anything special, don't get your hopes up.


3.  Your hair looks different . . . I meant 'good' different.  You haven't had anything done?  Well, it still looks great.


4.  Don't worry, I know everything will work out.


5.  I really like spending time with your family.


6.  Your makeup looks great today.


7.  I don't mind that you've gained weight, and I still find you just as attractive.


8.  I'm not drunk, I just had a couple beers.


9.  You're right to be this upset, I can't believe she would say that to you.


10.  I'm fine.



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Us Men Think We're Being Sly...But We're Not...

Men think they're clever and sneaky and are getting away with all kinds of stuff.  They aren't.  Women INVENTED being clever and sneaky and getting away with all kinds of stuff . . . and they INSTANTLY know it when they see it.

Here are the top eight things guys THINK they're doing sneakily and getting away with . . . but women always notice.

1.  Turning your head away from a woman as she's approaching . . . so you're already looking that direction once she passes and you can check out her butt.

2.  Trying to lead a text conversation toward having a woman send you nude photos.  She recognizes the chess moves you're trying to pull immediately.


3.  Asking leading questions to find out if she's single.  She's ready to tell the truth or lie anyway, depending on whether she's into you.


4.  Checking out other women in general.


5.  Trying really, really hard NOT to look down at a woman's breasts.


6.  When you're into a woman and accidentally show up where she works or in her neighborhood.  Even though it's not in a creepy, stalker way . . . she notices.


7.  Hiding your insecurities by going over-the-top with bragging.


8.  Scratching yourself down below.  Women are WAY better at doing it subtly . . . so they notice when you AREN'T as subtle as you think.



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Wanna relax this weekend? Get busy.

This feels counterintuitive . . . but a new study says that having a BUSY WEEKEND is actually BETTER stress relief than spending the weekend on the couch.


Researchers found that a weekend feels six hours and 19 minutes LONGER if you're busy than if you're super lazy.


That's because we all subconsciously measure time by the number of MEMORIES we make . . . the more we make, the longer the weekend feels.


About one-third of people surveyed who had busy weekends said it felt like they were off THREE days.  Almost half of people who had lazy weekends said it felt like the weekend disappeared too quickly.


The people who had busier weekends also felt more de-stressed when it was time to go back to work on Monday.


One more note:  A separate survey also shows a life of lying around might not be the AMAZING DREAM it seems.  The survey found that the JOY of RETIREMENT wears off after just 10 months . . . and people start to get bored. 


(Daily Mail / Daily Mail)

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Most Popular Christmas Toys of All Time!

Kids today might THINK they have great options to choose from when it comes to Christmas presents.  But any adult knows that the Christmas presents WE got as kids were WAY cooler.  And according to this list, we're RIGHT.

A department store in England looked at its records dating way back to 1950, and came up with a list of the most popular toys that have been sold during the holidays.  Here are the top ten.

1.  Cabbage Patch Dolls

2.  Rubik's Cubes

3.  Monopoly

4.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures

5.  Buzz Lightyear

6.  Barbie Dolls

7.  Teletubbies

8.  Furbies

9.  Calico Critters, which were little animal dolls that were originally called "Sylvanian Families" back in the '80s.  And they were more popular in England and Japan.

10.  Legos 


(Daily Mail)

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Things We REFUSE To Pay For...

Everyone has one or two things they COULD afford, but REFUSE to pay for . . . on PRINCIPLE.  Here are five of the best ones . . .

1.  Carry-on bag fees, like the ones on Spirit Airlines.  It's one thing to pay for checked bags, but paying just to bring a bag on the plane is CRAZY.

2.  Hotel WiFi.  It's always mediocre and unreliable . . . and it seems like the cheaper hotels give it to you free, while the expensive hotels charge you.

3.  ATM fees.  Somehow it's always worth tracking down your bank's ATM, just to avoid feeling ripped off by the two bucks you have to pay at other ATMs.

4.  Candy Crush.  The entire game is based on getting you ADDICTED, so you start paying for extra lives, moves, and power-ups.  And once you pay for them ONCE, you'll do it again.

5.  Drinks for girls who appear next to you when you're standing at the bar, then disappear right after you hand them a drink.



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The Average Woman Is Already Getting Ready for Christmas party season!?

Here's yet another sign we're letting Christmas COMPLETELY take over November.  According to a new study, the average woman has already started getting ready for Christmas party season.


And the average woman puts in 49 hours over the next five weeks or so preparing for Christmas parties.  Here's how that breaks down . . .


21 hours of shopping for outfits.


18 hours at the gym working out.


Six hours researching a hairstyle, then getting their hair done.


Four hours of makeup, fake tanning, and teeth whitening.


The study also found women will spend more time preparing for Christmas party season than any other major event . . . including a friend's wedding, New Year's Eve, a birthday party, or a big date.

(Daily Mail)

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10 Things We all do - But won't admit

Let's face it, there are things pretty much EVERYONE does . . . but no one admits doing.  And yes, just by bringing it up, we're kinda admitting that WE do them too.  But try to ignore that.



Here are the 10 things we ALL do . . . but won't admit doing.



1.  Unfairly judging people at first glance . . . sometimes based on gender or race.



2.  Changing a story just a little bit as you tell it, to make it better.



3.  Picturing a couple having sex when you find out they're pregnant.



4.  Talking to yourself at home, in the car, and maybe even in public.



5.  Replaying fights and arguments in your head . . . only THIS time, you say all those brilliant things that came to you afterwards, and YOU win the argument.



6.  Fantasizing about getting hit by a car or catching a disease . . . not life threatening, but just bad enough to get you out of work for a while.



7.  Admiring what you left behind in the toilet . . . especially after having explosive diarrhea.  Then wondering if everyone ELSE does it too . . . models, the president, whoever . . . and realizing they probably DO.



8.  Smelling your finger after you put it somewhere bad.  Whether it's your crack, armpit, ear, belly button, between your toes, wherever.



9.  Stalking people on Facebook . . . and taking some pleasure in their unhappiness.



10.  Skipping washing your hands . . . but running the water in case someone's listening.





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10 Things That Will ALWAYS Be Awkward

 What's something people do that NEVER STOPS being awkward?  Besides "your mom."  HI-YO.  But seriously, folks.  Here are the top 10 things we do that are ALWAYS awkward. 



1.  Accidentally making eye contact with someone over and over.


2.  Responding to someone's question, then realizing they're talking on a Bluetooth.


3.  When you clog the toilet at someone else's house.


4.  Sitting there when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you . . . especially when it's the staff at a restaurant.


5.  Doing that little side-to-side dance when you're walking toward a stranger and neither one of you knows which way to go.


6.  Being friendly and saying "Hi" to a stranger at the grocery store . . . then bumping into them over and over in different aisles.


7.  When someone you haven't seen in a while remembers your name . . . and you can't remember theirs.


8.  Fist bumping a high five, and vice versa.


9.  Asking someone to pay you back, especially when it's not a lot of money and a lot of time has passed since they borrowed it.


10.  When someone says, "Well this is awkward" during a pause in a conversation.  Because now it's even MORE awkward, jackass.





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7 Things That Are Making Us Winded

If you found yourself huffing and puffing just walking to your car this morning, you're not the only one.  According to a new survey, only a quarter of people describe themselves as "in shape."



And just check out how easily we get winded.  Here are the top seven things that make us run out of breath.



1.  Running to catch a bus or a train


2.  Walking up a flight of stairs


3.  Walking around with heavy shopping bags


4.  Dancing


5.  Sex


6.  Cleaning or vacuuming


7.  Gardening





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VIDEO: Crazy Skydiving Plane Crash
Thank goodness everyone got out of this alive.  See the CRAZY footage from NBC below:

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Kerry Washington / Eminem SNL Promos

KERRY WASHINGTON isn't gay.  In fact, she's married and pregnant.  But she doesn't mind rumors that she's a lesbian.  She says, quote, "There's nothing offensive about it, so there's no reason to be offended."



Kerry says her low public profile may have something to do with it . . . quote, "It's interesting how much people long to fill in the gaps when someone in the public eye doesn't share their personal life.  I understand their frustration."



(Meanwhile, Kerry did some new promos with Eminem for this weekend's "SNL".  Check 'em out here.)


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