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Reggie Bush's Alleged Mistress Speaks Out!

January Gessert (sounds like a stripper name) tried to take advantage of her 5 minutes of fame yesterday (March 31) by holding a press conference saying "she was a victim who was "shocked" by the story the media had "fabricated." She also said she had never witnessed Reggie cheating on Kim in the time that she'd known him.

Blah Blah Blah, the bottom line was I had to laugh that she actually held a press conference, and I couldn't stop staring at her eyebrow!?!

Some people are telling me that's from an eyebrow ring?  I'm thinking she shaved lines in her brow Vanilla Ice style!

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04/01/2010 3:33AM
Reggie Bush's Alleged Mistress Speaks Out!
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04/01/2010 5:12AM
Def shaved those lines! What a h**ker :)
04/01/2010 5:15AM
that is not because of an eyebrow ring...she shaved that!!
04/01/2010 6:43AM
Those eyebrows are not even real to begin with.... so if she colored it in correctly there wouldn't be those lines in the first place....
04/02/2010 6:25AM
yeah i agree she shaved
04/02/2010 8:00PM
I agree with Van! Those eyebrows are colored in, so it must be on purpose. There are some weird people out there..
04/13/2010 10:00AM
Those eyebrows are colored in but she still has two hairy traintracks under the color. That is not from an eye brow ring and if it is, she needs to sue the peircing place. That was as intentional as it gets.
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