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Posts from June 2013

The Fast Food Items With The Most Calories
Are you a fast food eater?

Me too!  Maybe like me you eat items without knowing how many calories are in them.

According to the "Wall Street Journal", here are the menu items with the most calories at 10 of the biggest fast-food chains:
1.  20 CHICKEN RINGS from White Castle have 1,760 calories.  That's 85% of a woman's recommended daily allowance . . . and takes three hours of high-impact aerobics to burn off.   
2.  A Burger King BREAKFAST PLATTER has 1,450 calories, and takes two hours of basketball to burn off.     
3.  A McDonald's BIG BREAKFAST has 1,350 calories.  That takes four hours of cycling.
4.  A KFC 10-piece bag of CHICKEN BITES has 1,300 calories.  That would take five hours of dancing.
5.  The Wendy's three-quarter-pound DAVE'S HOT 'N' JUICY burger has 1,120 calories.  That's four hours of bowling.
6.  A STEAK and WHITE CHEDDER on baguette from Panera Bread has 980 calories.  That takes two hours of low-impact aerobics to burn off. 
7.  Taco Bell's VOLCANIC NACHOS has 970 calories.  That's an hour of tae kwon do.     
8.  A Dunkin' Donuts frozen MOCHA COFFEE COOLATTA with cream has 730 calories.  An hour of tennis will burn that off.
9.  The Subway MEGA MELT on FLATBREAD with egg has 660 calories.  You'll need to rollerblade for an hour.  (And then tell your parents you're gay.  HI-YO!)
10.  And a SLICE of Pizza Hut's 14-inch LARGE MEAT LOVER'S PAN PIZZA has 470 calories.  That's an hour's worth of weight training.

That's some depressing stuff, that being said... are we really going to stop eating out?  I think not, happy eating!

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Wearing This Item Makes You More Attractive!
What's your fashion turn on?

A new study found when men wear a plain white t-shirt, women rate them instantly 12% MORE ATTRACTIVE than when they're wearing anything else.  Who knew?
And the more out-of-shape you are, the better the results, which is even more shocking!

If you're in good shape already, the white t-shirt will only help a little . . . but if you're not, the white t-shirt is going to work MAGIC.
The plain white t-shirt made men look like they had broader shoulders and smaller waists.
The study also found the LEAST attractive thing you can wear is something that draws attention to your stomach . . . even if you're in good shape.
When men wore a t-shirt with a capital letter "T" on it, women found them attractive.  But when that "T" was flipped upside-down . . . so the long part was across the stomach and not the chest . . . women found the guys MUCH less attractive.

So I guess stop wasting your money on other clothes and buy a plain white t today!

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You'd Rather Have This Than A Fun Night Out!
Are you tired?

Well I'm not surprised, according to a new study, 84% of us have had our sleep interrupted by someone's snoring . . . either the person we're sleeping with, or our OWN.   

I don't snore, I grind my teeth, but I have busted my wife snoring!
Women are twice as likely as men to leave the room to get away from their partner's snoring and get some sleep.  No way, I'd just bump or try to roll you over to make you stop.
Two out of three people say that they put up with their partner's snoring instead of giving up the bed.
Three out of four people said that given the choice, they'd rather have a good night's sleep than a fun night out.  
And parents with teenagers are 12% more likely than parents who have young children to choose sleep over going out. 

I will say this, a lot of this has to be true because caffeine is everywhere you look, and I here about more and more people saying they have sleep apnea.


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Twinkies In Store Date
Are you a sweet person?

I am, so this actually interests me!

Twinkies are about to be available to us again!
The new company that bought Hostess will have Twinkies back on store shelves around the U.S. on July 15th. 

So you're only three weeks away from the extremely bad for you, but very tasty Twinkies!

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Father's Day Is The 4th Biggest Day Of The Year For This!

Don't forget that Father's Day is this Sunday!

Have you gotten for card and gift for your Dad yet?

I think this is the toughest gift to buy, without being lame, since Dad's don't really get into stuff like Mom's do, and they have a lot as it is, so it kind of becomes more about what the families want them to have, rather then what they want.

One thing it looks like we all want is to grill this weekend!

Father's Day is the 4th biggest grilling holiday of the year!

A new survey found 49% of people will GRILL on Father's Day, which makes it the fourth-biggest grilling day of the year . . . behind July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

It's also the second-biggest day for giving grills or grilling accessories as gifts, behind Christmas.

Like a typical guy, I love grilling, so I totally agree with this, I can't wait to Grillax this weekend!

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The Real #1 Reason We Go To Music Festivals
How pumped are you that the festival season is here?

How many are you planning on going to?

Well if you're headed to Summerfest or any other music festival, music isn't the main reason... apparently everyone else is there for the drugs and the possibility of getting some strange!
According to a new survey, only 45% of the people at music festivals are just there for the MUSIC.  That means the MAJORITY are there for a little somethin' else . . . I guess that's not surprising.
One in four people say that they've had relations with someone they met at a music festival . . . one in four have done DRUGS there . . . and one in eight have gotten into a FIGHT. (that one's lame!)
47% of people say they've done things at concerts that they'd never even CONSIDER doing anywhere else. (Well duh?)

Oh, and before you roll your eyes and think this is just dumb kids, it's not just young people causing trouble.  Among people over age 45, 9% have used drugs at a show . . . one in five have gotten drunk . . . 10% have had sex with someone they met there . . . and 2% have gotten into a fight. 

Speaking of music festivals, you can win Summerfest tickets all this week just by listening to KISS-FM, so the tickets are on us, the bad decisions are up to you!

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Believe It Or Not, You Only Spend 23 Minutes A Day Doing This!
How many times a day do you eat?

For me not enough, I'm trying to get better about working out, resting, and eating right and the funny thing is I struggle the most with the last one!

I'm sure that you've heard the more small meals a day that we can take in the better.  Basically the a little bit of wood periodically on the fire analogy.

A new survey reveals that the average person only spends 23 total minutes eating a day!  Are you surprised at that number?   (I am)  

You may sit at the table for longer than that, but when it comes to actually putting food in your mouth, you're doing it really quickly.  (Okay, that makes more sense)
The average person eats for six minutes at breakfast, eight minutes for lunch, and nine minutes for dinner.
20% of people say they rarely sit down at a table when they eat meals . . . and 33% eat so quickly they barely taste the food.
When you're eating, you SHOULD try to make your food last 20 minutes.  That's the best way to get full on a reasonable portion and make sure you digest it all properly. 

Bon Appetit!

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Would You Eat This?
Are you a fan of sweets, more specifically Donuts?

Well I am!  In case you missed it, last Friday "National Donut Day", and Dunkin Donuts used it as an opportunity to do a nationwide launch of their new breakfast sandwich . . . bacon and egg on a glazed donut.
But Krispy Kreme may have just raised the stakes even further.
On Saturday, the San Diego County Fair in California, unveiled a SLOPPY JOE using a Krispy Kreme DONUT as the BUN! (Click here to see it)
It features meat, sauce, and cheese on a glazed donut.  The donut doesn't have a hole in it, which should help the Sloppy Joe from getting TOO sloppy.
The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe will be on sale until the fair wraps up July 4th weekend.  It probably WON'T make Krispy Kreme's menu nationwide, but I guess you never know.

Would you eat it?  I would try a bite, so I'm hoping it makes it to this years State Fair!

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The LEAST Favorite Food
What's your LEAST favorite food?

Me... fruit, I know that sounds ridiculous, but I can't eat fruit by itself.

Well a new survey asked people to name their LEAST favorite food . . . and OYSTERS came in number one.  47% of people surveyed said they don't like oysters!  I'm not gonna lie, I don't hate 'em.
So there are still billions of people in the world starving and praying for food every day, and you're too good to eat something that's expensive AND makes you horny?  For SHAME.
Liver finished second on the list.  Really?  When's the last time you even had the OPTION to eat liver?  Apparently they surveyed stereotypical kids from 1987.
Other foods that made the list include anchovies, tofu, sushi, bleu cheese, olives, and licorice.
And 5% of people said there aren't ANY foods they dislike. 
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The Age You'll Start Turning Into Your Mother
Do you think you're just like one or both of your parents?

If not, you will be!

According to a new survey, women notice they're turning into their mother at age 31.   
More than HALF of women said that in their early 30s, they started using the same sayings as their moms, watched the same shows, had the same hobbies, and shared the same taste in men.   And one in four said it happened at age 31.
One in 20 women thought that they turned into their mother when they were in their 20s . . . and one in four said it happened in their late 30s.  One in 10 said it didn't happen until after age 40.

The women said the main cause for the transformation was the same thing that made THEIR mother who she was . . . having kids. 

One in three women said that they noticed they were becoming more like her after having kids of their own.
And maybe the biggest surprise was that 51% of women said they were OKAY with becoming their mother. 

I'd have to say, like some of you, I'm a hybrid of my parents... some aspect of both.

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The Ways Women And Men Spend $ Differently
Would you agree that women and men do a lot of things differently? (or in my opinion, most everything)

Well a recent survey reveals the very true differences between how women and men spend their money, see if you agree...
1.  Guys spend more on booze.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, single men spend around $500 annually, compared to $216 for women.
With that said, women tend to drink less, simply because they're smaller.  Plus, a guy is more likely to buy a woman a drink than the other way around. (I agree)
2.  Women give more to charity, and they're also more LIKELY to give.  That's according to the 2010 report from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
In every single income group, households that were headed by women were more likely to give to charity.  And even in the group with the lowest income, women gave almost twice as much. (I totally agree, pay attention at work, women are way more generous than men in my opinion)
3.  Men and women both like to shop when they're feeling depressed, but they buy different things. 

In one survey, women ranked clothing as the number one item they spend money on when they need some retail therapy, followed by food and shoes.
Men chose food as number one, then electronics, then music or movies. (Again I agree, but I actually fall in both categories here)
4.  Women are more likely to search for a deal. 

According to data compiled by the website 8coupons.com, women take about 40% longer to make a purchase.  And they're also more likely to compare prices at different stores.

(This one is a push for me, I feel like they guys around me are as savvy as the girls when it comes to searching out deals)

What about you... do you agree with the findings above?

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The Reason You Should Not Drink Fast Food Beverages!
Are you a Germaphobe?

What about when you're eating out?

New research reveals that you might want to be passing on fast food beverages!

In a new study of fast food places, researchers found more bacteria on the ICE from the ice machines than in the TOILETS!

For the study, researchers swabbed the ice from their drinks and the toilets at McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC.  And at about three of every five locations, the ice contained bacteria including things as serious as E. coli, ewww!
The theory here is that the employees clean the bathrooms pretty regularly, but don't clean the ice machine so often.  That leads to more bacteria building up in the ice machine than in the toilets.
Now . . . this DOESN'T necessarily mean you'll get sicker from drinking the ice than drinking out of the toilet.  But if you drink from enough cups with nasty fast food ice, you could run the risk of getting sick.  

Happy eating!

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