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Posts from May 2013

Ryan Braun Is Paying For You!
Are you a Brewers fan?

If so, you know how tough that's been so far this year, but Ryan Braun thinks there is no reason you should pay for it.

The Brewers announced yesterday that Braun would fill the gap in the "Brewers Win, You Win" promotion that promised fans attending the June 3-5 series against Oakland $1 off a Terrace Box ticket for each Brewers victory in May.

Ryan will subsidize the program to ensure that fans can purchase a limited number of Terrace Box tickets (regularly $24) and Loge Bleacher seats (regularly $23) for just $8 -- matching his uniform number.

Braun's contribution will bridge the gap for up to 4,000 tickets for each game in the series. Tickets for this promotion will go on sale tomorrow (Friday May 31) at 9 a.m. at the Brewers' box office and via phone and online ordering.

"We recognize that this has been a tough month for all of us; not just the players but also the fans," Braun said in a press release. "The one constant has been the support of the community, and every one of us on the field has tremendous respect for the support we receive from the fans. On behalf of all of us on the field, we want to thank the fans and let them know that we really appreciate everyone being behind us during this rough stretch."

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The Exact Amount Of Coffee You Should Drink Today
Are you a coffee drinker?

I am, big time!  I swear I drink an entire pot daily, but I justify that by the fact that my alarm clock goes off at 3:30 a.m.

It's not often that a study comes out and totally encourages one of your addictions, so cherish this one.
A new study has found that it's good for you to drink exactly FOUR cups of coffee a day.  No more.  Maybe a little less, but not TOO much less.
At four cups, the good chemical compounds in coffee help decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  And drinking four cups of coffee can also help you lose weight.
At LESS than four cups, you don't get the full health benefits.
And at MORE than four cups, the researchers found you actually begin to see NEGATIVE health effects and MORE risk of gaining weight. 

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10 Ways You Can Get A FREE Upgrade To 1st Class!
Are you flying somewhere soon?

Are you flying 1st class?  If not, you could be!

According to a survey of 700 flight attendants, paying for a seat in coach doesn't necessarily mean you have to SIT in coach.  But to get a free upgrade to business class or better, a lot of things have to be in your favor.
According to the poll, you're most likely to get an upgrade if you're a man in your 30's, who's a little dressed up and traveling alone.
Meanwhile, the LEAST likely person to get bumped to first class is a girl in her teens, traveling in a group, and wearing revealing clothing.
But regardless, there are a bunch of things you can do to increase your chances of getting a free upgrade.  Here are the top ten according to the survey.
1.  Be Friendly and Polite.  82% of cabin crew members agreed it makes a difference.
2.  Be a Member of the Airline's Frequent Flyer Program.  Obviously that's one you have to deal with beforehand, but 80% said it gives you better odds of scoring a seat in first class. 
3.  Travel Alone.  Again, if you're in a group, your chances aren't very good.  72% of flight attendants said they'd be more likely to give a seat upgrade to someone who's flying alone.
4.  Make Them Aware of an Injury.  For example, if you go to the desk and tell them you sprained your ankle playing softball, they might take pity on you and give you an unfilled seat in business class, or just a free seat in coach that has more leg room.
5.  Don't Dress Too Casual.  59% said that someone who's dressed up is more likely to get an upgrade.
6.  Tell Them You're On Your Honeymoon.  58% said it boosts your chances.  But obviously it has to be believable.  So if you're not wearing rings or you're headed somewhere that's NOT a honeymoon destination, don't bother.
7.  Know the Flight Attendants.  Some people travel the same route for business over and over again.  And a lot of those flights use the same crew members.  If they remember you, 55% of them say they're more likely to give you an upgrade.
8.  Travel During Non-Peak Hours.  Or in other words, travel when the plane is less likely to be full.  47% of flight attendants said it boosts your chances.
9.  Come Up with a Good Sob Story.  For example, maybe you're headed to a funeral, or you just lost your job.  Whatever it is, 35% admitted they'll probably fall for it.
10.  Look Your Best.  In addition to dressing up, 31% said that being a well-groomed, attractive passenger will increase your chances of getting upgraded to first class.

I've flown 1st class once, and I have to say I love it, but with all this rain lately I'd fly coach somewhere in a heartbeat!

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Five Famous Landmarks Most Of Us Have Never Visited
Do you travel a lot?

What's somewhere you would like to go that you haven't been to yet?

I haven't traveled nearly as much as I'd like to, but my honeymoon in Hawaii was  by far my favorite trip I've taken!

According to a new survey, most of us haven't been to some of the country's most famous landmarks. 

Here five that MOST Americans have never seen, see how you stack up.
1.  78% of us have never been to the Space Needle in Seattle. 
2.  73% of Americans have never visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
3.  70% have never seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 
4.  69% of us have never seen the Hollywood Sign. 
5.  And 57% have never been to the White House. 
The only landmark on the list that more than HALF of Americans have visited was the Las Vegas Strip.  Only 45% of us haven't been there.

Sad to say, I've only been at one of the above (Hollywood) you?

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How You Can Help Those Affected By The Oklahoma City Tornado
I'm sure you saw or heard about the devastation in Oklahoma City. 

If you didn't, a huge tornado at least a half-mile wide and with winds up to 200 miles per hour hit the town of Moore, Oklahoma, yesterday (May 20th), killing at least 51 people as it leveled whole neighborhoods and flattened an elementary school in the Oklahoma City suburb.

The death toll is expected to rise, with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office saying the number of dead could rise to as much as 91.

The National Weather Service issued an initial finding that the tornado was an EF-4, the second most-powerful type.

Search efforts in Moore continued overnight. President Obama declared a major disaster and ordered federal aid to help pay for recovery efforts.

Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Oklahoma City.

If you'd like you can help, click here to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund!

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Terrible Powerball Story!
How many Powerball tickets have you purchased lately?

I've bought a bunch, so like you I was VERY SAD when someone in Zephyrhills, Florida won the $590 MILLION Powerball jackpot. 

Well there's a woman that is even more sad then we are!

Three nights earlier, when the Powerball jackpot was worth $360 million.  A woman named Margit bought five tickets at a Shell station in California.  And one of them matched ALL five numbers and the Powerball!
For a moment, Margit thought she'd just become SUPER RICH.  So she was surprised when she heard there were NO winning tickets for the drawing.
Turns out Margit didn't win because.... she bought the ticket 52 minutes too late. 

The Powerball drawing was at 8:00 P.M., and Margit bought her tickets at 8:52 P.M.
And if you look at her ticket, it clearly shows it's for the Saturday drawing, NOT the Wednesday drawing.  And on Saturday she lost, of course.
Margit described her emotions as going from SHOCKED when she thought she'd won, to DISAPPOINTED when she found out she hadn't. 

I think it's fair to say that she's way more bummed about the Powerball than we are!

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Here We Go Again Powerball Players!
Are you gambler?  

What about the lottery do you play?

Well like many of you, I play the Powerball everytime it gets to a ridiculous amount like it is now, so yesterday when I bought my almost $4 a gallon gas, I also bought some Powerball tickets, sad to say I wasn't a big winner.

Well if you bought tickets too, there was no winner in yesterday's (May 15th) $360 million Powerball drawing, so the jackpot has now grown to $475 million, which is the second largest in Powerball history and third biggest overall!

The next drawing will be held on Saturday (May 18th), how many tickets are you gonna buy?

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Would You Eat This New Kind Of Hot Dog?
Are you a Hot Dog lover?  

I am, I just don't have a favorite way order my dog, regular condiments, chili, cheese etc....

I find that I still love the foods that I loved as a child, Mac and Cheese, Ice Cream and Hot Dogs!

Well if you're like me, than I want to know if this interests you....

Oscar Mayer has just introduced a new line of hot dogs that are STUFFED WITH BACON. 

That's in addition to whatever else hot dogs are normally stuffed with (no jokes please)
These Bacon Dogs are now on sale all over the country.  Each one is 130 calories and has 11 grams of fat. 

Thoughts?  I guess I'd try it, I'm just not as easily won over with bacon as some guys are.

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The "What Is Sexy" List Is Out!
What's sexy to you?

If I'm being honest Victoria's Secret is sexy to me... which is why I have to stare at the floor when I'm walking with my wife in the mall, because when we get near the store I swear she stares at me to see if I'm looking at the models!

Well, Victoria's Secret has released its annual What Is Sexy list, which is supposedly chosen by the Victoria's Secret models themselves.  See if you agree with them!

Sexiest Actress:  Jessica Chastain
Sexiest Style:  Nina Dobrev
Sexiest Legs:  Blake Lively
Sexiest Bikini Body:  Rihanna
Sexiest Hair:  Amanda Seyfried
Sexiest Smile:  Zoe Saldana
Sexiest Eyes:  Zooey Deschanel
Sexiest Lips:  Kerry Washington
Sexiest Sense of Humor:  Jennifer Lawrence
Sexiest Mom:  Giuliana Rancic
Sexiest Songstress:  Beyoncé
Sexiest International Import:  Emilia Clarke from "Game of Thrones"
Sexiest Summer Glow:  Hayden Panettiere
Sexiest Sporty Style:  Ashley Greene
Sexiest TV Cast:  "Revenge"
Sexiest Cyber Stars:  The Tone It Up Girls
Sexiest Tweeter:  Elizabeth Banks
Sexiest Up & Coming Bombshell:  Chloe Bridges from"The Carrie Diaries"
Sexiest Curves:  Shakira

What do you think, do you agree, who'd they leave out?

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Is Taco Bell Coming Out With Breakfast?
Are you a Taco Bell fan?

I am, but usually not in daylight hours.  Well it looks like Taco Bell might be trying it's hand at breakfast!
In Orange County, California which is the home of the Taco Bell headquarters there have been sightings of a new BREAKFAST TACO at various Taco Bell locations.  And instead of a regular shell, it's wrapped in a WAFFLE shell.
The Waffle Taco has eggs and sausage wrapped in a waffle, covered in maple syrup.  They're selling for 89 cents.
There's no word on if or when these could go nationwide or when they're going to take it even further and make a waffle taco covered in Doritos nacho cheese. 

Thoughts?  Would you try it, I would!

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In Honor of Mother's Day!
In case you didn't know, or it slipped your mind, Mother's Day is this Sunday!

I already sent my card and gift card to my mom, what about you, what are you planning?

If you don't know yet, here are five random facts about Moms to get you thinking...
1.  The most popular brand among mothers in the U.S. is . . . Craftsman tools, believe it or not.  They beat out Amazon, M&Ms, Dawn, Black & Decker, Johnson & Johnson, Cheerios, Discovery Channel, Google, and Pillsbury.  This is surprising to me!
2.  40% of adults say they still get their mom's advice before a major decision.  And 45% of moms get advice from their adult children before THEY make a big decision.  I don't do this, but I really never have gone to mom about major decisions, I'm a go to dad guy.
3.  Over the course of 18 years, the average mom spends 8,212 hours on cooking and dishes . . . 5,867 hours on laundry . . . and 11,038 hours cleaning the house.  That's a total of 1,047 days . . . or almost three entire years.  Seeing this is a reminder why we just can't do enough to say thank-you to our Mom!
4.  71% of adult women say their mom is one of their best friends.  Awwww!
5.  I'm not sure if your mom will go for this . . . but HOOTERS is offering a free entrée on Sunday to any mothers who come in with at least one of their kids.  I've always felt awkward about the families dinning at Hooters!  

Maybe it's just me, but I thought Hooters was a place young guys went, or older fella's looking to mingle with some young ladies during their lunch hour.  So it feels real weird to look over and see parents, and a bunch of kids.  Really?!?  It's not like the food is that good!
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Why Your Coworkers Are Making You Dumber!
I don't know about you, but I feel like there's 2 types of people at work... those who have work to do and those who don't!  

I'm sure you're less socially awkward than I am, but I'm the guy at work that's asking people (like my co-worker Wes) to please stop talking, at least to me because I have to work, and everytime I get interrupted I have to try and figure out what I was just doing!

Now I've got scientific proof that coworkers are making you DUMBER!  
According to a study, every time your coworkers talk to you and distract you, you immediately become 20% STUPIDER.
Not permanently, of course, but as long as you're distracted, you're dumber.
A separate study found the average officer worker only gets 11 minutes of work done between interruptions . . . and it can take almost half an hour to fully focus again after you're interrupted.
Based on that math, you may NEVER be able to get back to a place of full productivity.  At least I think that's the math.  I'm at least 20% dumber right now.
The researchers did come up with a good takeaway for us though!  If you tell yourself you're DEFINITELY going to be interrupted at any moment, it actually helps you focus and improves your productivity.

Personally I would divide the workplace in to 2 parts.  

1. The outside ring of individual offices on the upper level - for people who have task oriented jobs like me.  Meaning no matter what you have a list of things that has to get done, once they're done you can leave, but until then you're stuck.

2. The inner open area below the upper ring - for people who have a time oriented job (like my coworker Wes who I referred to above) these people have to be at work from ___ to ___, meaning even if they have nothing to do they can't leave.  These are the people that tend to annoy me at work the most!  When you're in a meeting they just want to shoot the breeze because they have to be at work for another 5 hours so they don't care what they're doing, so long as it's not sitting at their desk!

What would you do if you were in charge?

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My 2nd Date With Carrie Underwoood!
Like many of you, I went to the Carrie Underwood concert last weekend at the Bradley Center.

For those of you that missed it, it was great (not bragging, just saying)  Carrie did sound a little horse, but she was still good, looked amazing and her and Hunter Hayes was gracious and fun as usual!  (Country artists are usually the nicest of the formats)

If you didn't hear me say it on the air, I stuck my foot in my mouth when I met Hunter saying something  like, "Your music is for women..."  I know, I'm an idiot!
I also got to meet Carrie for the 2nd time, if you didn't know she's my big time celebrity crush!  

The 1st time I got to meet her, I said something really awkward out of nervousness,  this time went a little better, so I think I'm making some headway... I just need about 100 more meet n greets and I'll be gettin' somewhere with her haha!
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How To Properly Dip A Chip Without Breaking It

Are you a fan of chips and dip, or chips a salsa?

Well I am, I know it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but I'm the guy that has to get a refill on salsa when I go out to a Mexican restaurant because I eat so many chips and salsa... before the meal!

So it's no surprise that I'm so into this study on how to dips chips without breaking them!

According to a structural engineer, the way most of us dip chips is structurally unsound. 

Here are four steps to avoid breaking chips in the dip . . .   
1.  Most tortilla chips are triangular, and we hold the chip by one point, and dip the LONG edge of the triangle, like a shovel.  THAT'S WRONG. 
2.  We do it so we can scoop up more dip . . . naturally.  But it ends up putting too much weight on the point of the chip where you're holding it, and it snaps.
3.  Instead, you should hold the chip along the edge of the triangle, and just dip one POINT . . . in other words, the exact opposite of what we all usually do.  And you can get JUST AS MUCH DIP, without the breakage.   
4.  Finally, use chips that are harder to break.  Go through the bowl and find ones that are CURLED . . . or as the engineers put it, quote, a "bent, undulating chip".   That creates an arch, which is the strongest support structure.

I don't know about you, but it's worth trying it, I'm gonna go get my dip on!


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My Meeting With Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes
Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes were in town last Friday at the Bradley Center, did you go?

I did, since I always make a point to go see my celebrity crush Carrie.  The show was awesome, and even better I got to go backstage and meet both throughout the evening.  

Carrie was beautiful and sweet as always, I barely remember any of it, since she makes me feel as shy as a little boy, but I'll post the photo once I get it.

Then there was my meeting with Hunter Hayes...  he too was very cool.  The problem was I had one of those moments where nothing came out of my mouth right!  

I said something like, "Yeah, my wife turned me on to your music since it's for women... I mean your lyrics aren't for guys... I mean your music mostly targets girls..."  (What?!?)  At that point I think my face just turned red because I realized that everyone in the room was looking at me like "What the heck are you saying?!?"

He was pretty quiet after that, and I had dug too deep of a hole to get out so I remember shaking his hand, congratulating him on his success and waking away feeling like a huge idiot!

Oh well, if nothing else it gave me a story to tell ya!
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Here's What You Need To Know About "Iron Man 3"
"Iron Man 3" hits theaters today, are you going to see it?

The returning cast includes Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle as Rhodey,Jon Favreau as Happy, and Paul Bettany as the voice of Jarvis.
After the events of "The Avengers", Tony Stark is still struggling with the aftermath of that alien invasion.  He's become withdrawn and obsessed with getting ready for the next big threat, so he's been doing nothing but building new suits.
This movie starts with him having FORTY-TWO variations.  And the latest version, the Mark XLII, allows him to summon the suit to himself by using sub-dermal implants. 
That new model also lets him direct his armor to another person, which is how Pepper gets it when he protects her from the Mandarin's choppers.  You'll see a lot of his suits destroyed in that attack, and Downey spends a lot of the film without the Iron Man suit.
Ben Kingsley plays the Mandarin, who comic fans know to be one of Iron Man's greatest enemies.  In "Iron Man 3" he initially comes across as a modern-day terrorist.
He's the movie's main villain, but Tony also has to fight some super-powered humans who've been genetically enhanced by some bio-technology called Extremis that, among other things, gives them to power to heal themselves.
And finally, this will be the first of the Marvel movies where Samuel L. Jackson doesn't make a cameo as Nick Fury.  Instead, the post-credit scene that we've all come to expect will feature Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk's alter-ego, Dr. Bruce Banner.

Either way, I'm pumped, here's what you're in for!

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Your Zodiac Sign Determines How Much You'll Do This
Do you get into Zodiac signs?

Well than I guess if you buy into the idea that your Zodiac sign determines EVERYTHING that happens in your life, that would include how often you talk yourself into spending time beating yourself up at the gym.
A new survey ranked how likely you are to regularly WORK OUT based on your astrological sign. 

Here are all 12 Zodiac signs in order from most to least fit!
1.  Taurus.
2.  Gemini.
3.  Aquarius.
4.  Libra.
5.  Capricorn.
6.  Cancer.
7.  Leo.
8.  Aries.
9.  Scorpio.
10.  Sagittarius.
11.  Pisces.
12.  Virgo.

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What Mom's Want Most This Coming Mother's Day
Don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up a week from Sunday!  (May 12th)

What are going to spend on your Mom?  

This morning most people were saying around $50, which would put you above what you're Mom is expecting.
In a new survey, both mothers and fathers say they only EXPECT and WANT Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts that cost $30 OR LESS.
Both moms and dads ranked a GIFT CARD as the top thing they want.  And clearly, they're not expecting more than, like, $25 to the Olive Garden.
And 59% of parents say they'd rather spend TIME with you on Mother's Day or Father's Day than get an expensive gift. 

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