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Posts from October 2012

Some Things You Need To Know About Hurricane Sandy
If you haven't been following all the coverage on Hurricane Sandy, don't worry,  I've done it for you, here's your update.

Hurricane Sandy was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone at 7:00 P.M. Eastern last night, but it hit the East Coast with driving rain and hurricane-force winds all over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  
#1.)  At least 16 people have been killed . . . including a woman as far away as Toronto, Canada who was hit by flying debris.  Another 67 people were killed in the Caribbean earlier as the storm moved north, including 51 in Haiti.
#2.)  The storm made landfall in southern New Jersey around 8:00 P.M. Eastern, with a storm surge strong enough to destroy parts of the boardwalk in Atlantic City, and causing MASSIVE flooding in New Jersey and New York.
The flooding was up to five feet . . . even higher in some places . . . flooding coastal homes, covering cars, and submerging downtown intersections of urban areas. 
#3.)  Because of winds 85-miles-per-hour and higher, downed trees and power lines, and flooding of electricity substations, over five million people were without power in 11 states and Washington D.C., from Virginia up to Maine.
New York and New Jersey took the worst hits in terms of power outages, including about 700,000 New Yorkers alone.  
And that involves fires and downed power lines in flooded areas that authorities and emergency crews couldn't even GET to when the storm was at its most powerful.  About 7,000 National Guard troops were on active duty in seven states
#4.)  The damage could cost around three BILLION dollars.  To give you an idea of the damage and the chaos in New York City alone, the city's 911 system was receiving 10,000 calls every half hour. 
There was flooding in subway stations and in one of the tunnels into Manhattan, and some hospitals had to evacuate patients because of power outages.
A lot of people were also talking about a giant crane on top of the tallest residential skyscraper in New York City . . . a building in midtown Manhattan called One57. 
The building is still under construction, and the crane was damaged by wind at about 2:30 P.M. in the afternoon.  So the part of the crane that sticks out into the air was hanging down and swaying dangerously throughout the storm.
#5.)  The storm also created a BLIZZARD in Virginia and West Virigina, with snow, 55-mile-per-hour winds, and reports of LIGHTING and THUNDER WHILE it was snowing.

#6.)  What's even more crazy is that this is not just an East Coast situation, the village of Pleasant Prairie issued a voluntary evacuation advisory for residents last night, as the National Weather Service reported that dangerous high waves of 14-18 feet are anticipated along the Lake Michigan shoreline through tonight, and now this morning there's been multiple accidents because of the heavy winds!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you affected by Sandy!
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Which One Are You This Halloween?
Happy Halloween!   I'd love to talk about all the awesome candy right now, but right now it's about what you're wearing, and how you act.

If you're hitting up a costume party this weekend, you're almost guaranteed to see at least one person dressed as a sexy witch . . . or a sexy something . . . or a sexy ANYTHING.
But that's definitely not the ONLY type of person you'll meet.  Here are six people you see at pretty much every Halloween party.  Which one is you?  I'll tell you which one the KISS DJ's are...
#1.)  The Person Who Claims They're Wearing a Costume, Even Though They're Not. 

They'll be in normal clothes, but when you ask why they didn't dress up, they'll say they DID.
Then they'll claim they're dressed as something that doesn't REQUIRE a costume . . . like a teacher.  This is Kraig Karson our afternoon DJ.
#2.)  The Person with a Costume That Severely Restricts Them from Moving Around. 

It might be something like a mermaid tail, so they can't walk right.  Or it might be a costume that's so huge and ridiculous, they can't fit through a doorway.  

I always wonder how these people got to the party?  I'm thinking this is Michele McKnight our Night DJ.
#3.)  The Person Who Obviously Hates Halloween. 

If they're dressed up at all, it'll either be a cheap costume, or the same costume they wore last year.  And they'll probably be sitting in a corner looking miserable.  

This is the closest fit for me, I wouldn't say I hate it because I love candy, but I think dressing up as an adult man is a little questionable.
#4.)  The Guy Dressed in Drag. 

For whatever reason, some guys LOVE dressing as women on Halloween.  And they always act like it's the funniest costume anyone's ever seen.  This is Wes!
#5.)  The Person Who Handmade Every Single Thing They're Wearing. 

They'll also be way too proud.  And at least once, you'll overhear them bragging about how much time they wasted on it.  This is Alley!
#6.)  The Person Who Approaches Halloween Like a Method Actor. 

If they're dressed as, say, Marilyn Monroe, then they'll ACT like Marilyn Monroe ALL NIGHT . . . to the point where you won't even want to talk to them, because it's too annoying.  This is our mid-day DJ Leigh McNabb!

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Do You Want To Sing The National Anthem?
Are you a singer? 

Do you know the national anthem?  (No seriously, even the pro's forget the words)
Would you like to sing the National Anthem in front of thousands in Milwaukee?

You can!  This Saturday (October 13) you have the chance to showcase your singing abilities and audition for the opportunity to perform the anthem at a Milwaukee Bucks home game.

The audition is open to all ages, however, those under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Participants are encouraged to bring a performance resume if available, and all contestants must perform the anthem in its entirety to be considered.

Auditions will be held in the East Atrium of the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Upon entering through Lobby A, located at the 4th and Highland entrance, participants will register and receive an audition number.

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The Best Addition To Your Breakfast!
Are you a breakfast person?  Are you a food person?  Well I am, so I want to shared something with you!

I don't know if you've ever heard of breakfast fried rice, but on my Funjet honeymoon in Maui I had it for the first time and it was amazing!  

I think the description is self explanatory, but it will be another thing that I crave and miss about Maui so I better figure out how to make it until I can get back!

Click here to book your Funjet vacation now, and get the breakfast fried rice when you go!
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Pearl Harbor
Have you ever been to Pearl Harbor?

During our Funjet honeymoon in Maui, my wife and I took a day to fly over to take in the historic Pearl Harbor tour.

To state the obvious, it was a life changing experience!  It's so humbling when you're standing above the sunken USS Arizona and you can see and smell the oil that's still leaking after all these years!  Plus the exhibits, displays and memorials are also great!

I highly recommend that you take Pearl Harbor tour if you are heading to Hawaii.  Click here to book your Funjet Vacation now!
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My First Luau
Have you ever been to a luau?

My wife and I got to go to our 1st ever official luau in Maui on our Funjet honeymoon, and it was a very cool experience!

You walk in, they lei you (haha), hand you a drink and you go walk around to enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities.  

My favorite part was seeing how they prepared dinner.  They cook the pig in a imu, which is an earth oven, it looks like somethings buried in the dirt.
All in all dinner was awesome, the luau show was great, I highly recommend you click here to book your Funjet experience now!
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