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Posts from September 2012

Our Funjet Honeymoon
Thanks to your votes on our honeymoon destination and the folks at Funjet, my wife Britt and I are having the time of our lives at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa!

Words can barely describe the amazing sights you'll take in if and when you come here, but we just feel like we're in a dream.

From the moment you walk in to check in you'll be overwhelmed by the lush manner in which they've merged the resort and nature, basically I was just coming back from breakfast where there were birds flying over my head and passed some penguins on the way to my room.

There's multiple eating choices for you, an amazing pool that has a grotto and bar separating the big pool from the pool where your kids can swim.

On one end there's a nightly luau, then you'll walk along the shops or oceanfront as you make your way to your room.  All I can say is that this is and probably always will be the most amazing resort that we'll ever stay in, but don't just take my word for it!
Click here to book your Funjet vacation today!
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Find Our What Your Honey Boo Boo Nickname Is
Have you heard about Honey Boo Boo?

If you haven't, you have to check it out, it's a hilarious reality show on TLC! 

We love in so much in my household that I've found a Honey Boo Boo nickname generator!

Ours our... (Wes McKane) = Woo Woo Madison, (Alley Faith) = Adorable Flossy, mine is Raspberry Tantrum
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My Wedding!
WOW, I can't believe it, I'm married, thank-you so much for all the well wishes and congrats!

I have a few tips for you...

To those of you that are GETTING MARRIED soon, everyone's right, try your best to take it all in and enjoy it, because it really does fly by!

If you're GOING to a wedding soon, and you're planning on giving the bride & groom $, make the check out to either just one of them or make sure to use the word "OR"
(example Rahny Taylor OR Jane Doe), that way they'll have an easier time depositing the money, and they'll love you for that!

Finally, if you Hate weddings, sorry, I'll shut up now.

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The New Oreos Are Out Today!

Halloween season is here (in the retail world that is) so I thought I'd give you a heads up!

Starting today, a new flavor of Halloween Oreos goes on sale.  They're Oreos with CANDY CORN-FLAVORED filling.
Yes, you heard me right, Oreos with Candy Corn filling!  

The filling is orange and yellow, they use the vanilla sandwich cookies as opposed to the traditional chocolate ones, and they're on sale exclusively at Target. 

I'm a fan of Oreos, and I liked candy corn as a child, but this sounds a little weird to me.  What about you?  Are you going to try them?
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Milwaukee Bucks Dance Team Auditions
Are you a dancer? (not that kind perv)

Do you like sports?

Well then the Milwaukee Bucks are looking for you!

For the past 5 seasons, I've been fortunate to work as an emcee for the Milwaukee Bucks, and it's been a blast!

Now it's your turn, you could be a part of the Milwaukee Bucks Energee Dance Team!  Click here for all the audition details!

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