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Posts from November 2011

Packer Thanksgiving Food Drive
You could meet some of your favorite Green Bay Packers and make a difference in someones life today!

Come out to the 2011 Thanksgiving Food Drive today (Tuesday, November 15th) at the IEWX from 1-6:30 pm (5001 S Towne Drive New Berlin, WI)

Give thanks and give back to our community by donating a bag of food or a $50 donation benefiting the New Berlin Food Pantry

Click here for more info!

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WOW, This Is Awkward!
Have you ever had a brain freeze?  Of course... we all have! 

And If you listen to us in the morning, than you know I can mix up my words frequently, but there's something SO FUNNY about watching it happen to others! (Maybe that makes me lame, but I like knowing that I'm not the only one)

Well, the Republican presidential candidates were in Michigan last night (November 9th) or a CNBC debate on the economy and Texas Governor Rick Perry had a stunning brain freeze and couldn't remember the third of three federal agencies that he wants to shut down. 

Sit back and enjoy! 

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What A Great Song!
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty pumped to see "Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Part 1"! 

I realize that I'm the ONLY guy that would say that out loud, but oh well... since I'm making non-guy statements, I might as well tell you about one of my favorite new songs.

It's From the origianl motion picture soundtrack of the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn", here's Christina Perry "A Thousand Years".
I'm calling this the equivalent to what "My Heart Will Go On" was for "Titanic".

Oh... don't forget we're giving away tickets to our Sneak Peek of this movie and giving you this soundtrack this week on Wes, Rahny & Alley so listen tomorrow (Friday, November 11th) at 7:45 a.m. to call in (414-799-1037) and win!

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Wouldn't This Give You A Heart Attack?

Imagine going to get some cash at the ATM and then rather than your money coming out... A SNAKE COMES OUT AT YOU!

Well, this really happened to a man using an ATM in Spain!  Police showed up to free the reptile, that turned out to be trapped inside the slot.

The snake was taken to an animal shelter and the customer reportedly got his cash.

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