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Possible Shortage Affecting Your Super Bowl Party

Are you ready for your Super Bowl party?

Your party consists of not just the football game, and the viewing of the overpriced commercials, but also food so I wanted to give you this warning of a possible shortage!

The National Chicken Council (who knew there was such a thing) has released a report that says demand for wings is at an all-time high due to decreased wing production.

The decrease in production is caused by the high cost of corn and feed prices.

They estimate 1.23-billion wing segments will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend, which is 12.3-million, or one-percent, less than last year. (Yikes, no wonder why we could all stand to drop a few lbs)

The council says Super Bowl is the second biggest eating day of the year, and chicken wings are the most popular dish.

The council says if all 1.23-billion chicken wing joints were laid end to end, they would stretch between the San Francisco 49ers Candlestick Park and the Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium 27-times.

Speaking of tasty things, here's a Super Bowl teaser ad that's already getting lots of buzz good and bad... obviously good from the fella's, while others are saying it's tacky and tasteless, enjoy!

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01/24/2013 6:55AM
Possible Shortage Affecting Your Super Bowl Party
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