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Wes McKane's Blog

Old man I am, I am.

Yesterday around 3:15pm while my wife bored me to death while watching Dr. Phil...Wait let's touch on that for one second...Why does she think she gets to monopolise the TV while working and I can't get a lil TV time with no kids!?!?!  That's not the point though!  I was watching about bulimic twins when all of the sudden my neck hurts.  I look around the room and Kelly says "have a good nap?"  I say "I didn't fall asleep!"  She says "really? why were you snoring and you have that spot of drool on you shirt?"  You know what?  She was right...I had gone head down right there on the couch...sitting up...in the middle of the day.  I have become my grandfather Harding Earl Sr. nodding off while  waiting for grandma Flo at the pharmacy at Walmart!


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05/14/2009 8:00AM
Old man I am, I am.
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