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Wes McKane's Blog

Nothing is uncomfortable to me but maybe you???

There's an old saying that people should avoid talking about religion and politics at the dinner table . . . because it makes other people uncomfortable.

--But according to a new study there are seven things we like talking about even LESS. Although most of them have to do with either sex or money.

--Here are the 10 topics we don't like discussing, and the percentage of people who are uncomfortable talking about them.

#1.) Our sex lives: 32% said they were uncomfortable discussing it.

#2.) Our infidelity: 31%.

#3.) The state of our finances: 28%.

#4.) Our salary: 25%.

#5.) Family planning: As in, "When are you going to have a baby?" 19%.

#6.) Our relationship with our current partner: 18%.

#7.) The value of our home: 16%.

#8.) Politics: 13%.

#9.) Serious illness: 9%.

#10.) Religion: 7%.

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08/21/2012 6:48AM
Nothing is uncomfortable to me but maybe you???
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