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Sam Kirk

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My perfect woman.

There is NOTHING sexier then this: a girl in a attitude-y Sinful type shirt. A hot pair of Rock Revival, 7, True Religion type jeans and some 4” heels!!! YUMMMM! I have been seeing that a ton lately with the weather cooling off and just about losin my grip! ALL OF THIS…you can get at Hollywood Threadz btw ladies…and lose at my house! Kidding….kinda! But no, I am serious I love-LOVE that look, Dresses are fine. Skirts are ok. Even track suits have a place in sexy-land (Ya can get most of that at Hollywood Threadz too!  ) too but that is the look I LOVE! Now if you like the guy that wears all of that same type look here I am. We’ll get on a Harley together and splash Milwaukee with some tude together! WARNING: If you do go buy that stuff at Hollywood Threadz and I run into you wearing that hot-A@& look out and about…I will bite you! I will…Biting…also my thing!!! BAM!
Check them out online:
HWY 100 just six blocks south of Mayfair mall. Between Bluemound and Watertown Plank right next to Honey Baked Ham!!! 801 N. Mayfair Rd in Tosa or call at 414-727-8220.

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09/27/2011 7:10AM
My perfect woman.
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