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My Meeting With Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes

Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes were in town last Friday at the Bradley Center, did you go?

I did, since I always make a point to go see my celebrity crush Carrie.  The show was awesome, and even better I got to go backstage and meet both throughout the evening.  

Carrie was beautiful and sweet as always, I barely remember any of it, since she makes me feel as shy as a little boy, but I'll post the photo once I get it.

Then there was my meeting with Hunter Hayes...  he too was very cool.  The problem was I had one of those moments where nothing came out of my mouth right!  

I said something like, "Yeah, my wife turned me on to your music since it's for women... I mean your lyrics aren't for guys... I mean your music mostly targets girls..."  (What?!?)  At that point I think my face just turned red because I realized that everyone in the room was looking at me like "What the heck are you saying?!?"

He was pretty quiet after that, and I had dug too deep of a hole to get out so I remember shaking his hand, congratulating him on his success and waking away feeling like a huge idiot!

Oh well, if nothing else it gave me a story to tell ya!

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05/06/2013 6:57AM
My Meeting With Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes
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