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Most Annoying and Dangerous Things Drivers Do

John Greenfield via Flickr

Triple-A says about 36.1 million people will drive at least 50 miles over Memorial Day weekend.  In other words, the roads will be clogged with morons starting tomorrow.



But which morons are the WORST morons?  A new survey had people rank the most annoying drivers, and these are the results . . .



1.  People who text, email, or talk on the phone and drive.  69% of us ranked these idiots as the worst drivers.


2.  Tailgaters, 60%.


3.  People who multitask and eat, read, or put on makeup while they drive, 54%.


4.  People who drift into other lanes, 43%.


5.  People who drive under the speed limit, 39%.


6.  People who don't use their turn signals, 38%.


7.  People who clog up the left lane, 32%.


8.  People who don't let other people merge, 30%.


9.  People who speed, 27%.


10.  People who overuse the horn, 18%.



The survey also found a few other random stats about our driving habits . . .



Even though we hate people who use their phones while they drive . . . we ARE those people.  55% of us admit we sometimes do it.



Only 4% of people think gas prices will stay the same or go down this summer.



61% of people treat their rental cars more carefully than their own cars.



62% think the driving age should be raised, and that 16 is too young.



And 91% of men and 57% of women say they know how to change a tire. 



(Expedia / AAA)


05/22/2014 7:16AM
Most Annoying and Dangerous Things Drivers Do
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