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Michele McKnight

Posts from November 2013

The Diaries of Michele McKnight
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Yeezus has struck again!!! Literally!!

This time Kanye didn't just take out 1 photog...he took out 2 or 3! This may very well be his ticket to jail, no exceptions, but at least he went out with a bang! no....BUT SERIOUSLY he's got a nice right hook!

Check out the video HERE
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Bieber Takes a Blow to the Face
There are a lot of things that can be taken to the face; a water bottle isn't one of them lol

Justin Bieber got hit in the face with a water bottle during a show in Brazil, but instead of shaking them haters off and finishing the show (like he usually does); he stormed off the stage!!  But not only did he walk off stage and end the show early, he mean mugged the crowd on the way off!

This isn't the 1st time someone threw a bottle at Bieber (REMEMBER 2009) but it is the 1st time he handled it like this!

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You'll Never Guess Who's A Belieber!
Beliebers in the sky....beliebers in the trees...beliebers in and out of a black hole...but beliebers in Metallica?!!!

Yes ladies and gents, it's TRUE!! James, Lars and Robert all vouched for Justin Bieber's talents and success. The group gave him props for being super talented and commended him for still being able to put on a great show with a 'poker face,' despite dealing with so much judgement.

....and while Metallica is praising Bieber...Bieber is building bridges for Chris Brown!

Justin paid tribute to Chris Brown in GRAFFITI.  On a wall in Bogota, Colombia, he spray-painted "Free Breezy".  But he wasn't breaking the law.  Apparently, tagging is LEGAL where he did it.

Cheers to bafoolery!!

Check out Justin Bieber singing Metallica

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