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Meet our new baby Bella!

bella1We got a dog yesterday!!!  Isn't she adorable?  We love her so much!

Bella is an eight week black lab mix and we got her from the Humane Society in Milwaukee.

Hope you like her!  We can't wait to see how big she gets!

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06/11/2009 4:05AM
Meet our new baby Bella!
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06/11/2009 4:45AM
Katie Beaster
Hey Alley! I was listening to you guys on the radio this morning and I heard you talking about your cute little Bella! I actually also just adopted a puppy from the humane society yesterday! I got an 8 week old Austrialian Shepard/Shar Pei mix boy (who is already 9lbs compared to Rahny's 6lb 3 month old dog hehe). I'm giving him to my dad for father's day, but he's mine until then (and I love him so much I don't know that I will be able to give him up!!) Bella is adorable, I hope you guys have fun with her! Enjoy how much she just wants to sleep now, pretty soon she'll be all trouble!
06/11/2009 4:46AM
Jody Cavanaugh
Alley - Click on the above website it's for a Dog DNA test.. I have done it, and my sister and my mom all to our shelter dogs.. it's crazy the stuff they come back with. You might find out Bella is all Lab.. It's easy to do the test, and in a week you have the results.
06/11/2009 5:02AM
Alley, I heard you talking about your puppy this morning, and had to come check out the picture on your blog. She is sooooo cute! Enjoy your little family! (You are all so cute!) :)
06/11/2009 7:25AM
Hi Alley, I heard you talking about adopting Bella this morning too! She is adorable and SO tiny! I adopted my puppy, also Bella, from the Humane Society in October when she was 10 weeks, 8 lbs. She's now 42 lbs! They grow way too quick! Enjoy her she's adorable!
06/11/2009 2:25PM
Hey Alley...congrats! We got a shepherd mix puppy from WHS on Tuesday! It must be the season.
06/11/2009 3:09PM
She's adorable! Yeah...we got a lab mix from HAWS too. Lab mixed with Lucifer! Good Luck. This will be the true test of your relationship!
06/11/2009 3:47PM
I heard you talking about your puppy and she is very cute.
06/11/2009 7:09PM
Laurie Martinez
Heard you talking about your new puppy and had to see what she looked like. Very cute. I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble.
06/12/2009 5:21AM
Alley! I got a puppy from the Humane Society about a year ago. I took the puppy class at the Humane Society and I would absolutely recommend it! Bella will be well socialized with other puppies and it's really fun to watch all the puppies play together. Good luck potty training!
06/12/2009 7:58AM
Congrats again!!!!! She is SOO cute! yes enjoy the calm before the storm:) We were lucky when we got our golden she was already almost 4mths old and even when she was a puppy she was NO trouble at all:) Barely chewed a thing and was SOOO good:) I hope u and Joe have that same luck but labs are chewers ;) That is our next plan to get a yellow lab so they match! LOL:)
06/12/2009 7:06PM
Michelle G
Hey Alley! Bella is so adorable! Labs are great dogs! Congrats to you and Joe!
06/14/2009 12:49PM
beth bielewicz
Alley-I love the fact that you adopted a pet from the humane society-I also have a dog with something mixed with lab. She has a white spot on her chest-she is a great dog-8 years old now-great with kids and very easy to potty train-the only thing is that she still gets too excited when people come to visit and she does bark at anyone who dares to walk by our house-I have 2 girls and the dog has always been great with them and their friends-good luck to you and Joe and what a great example you have set-I listen to you everyday in the morning and I love your show. Beth
06/16/2009 2:56PM
Ally, More pictures of the puppy.....
06/18/2009 4:57AM
Alley! Love the puppy! Put up more pictures when she gets bigger!!
06/19/2009 12:56PM
mrs c.
I'm pretty sure you adopted our puppy's sister! We adopted our puppy Meyer (her name was Georgia at the Humane Society) two weeks ago tomorrow. She was 8 weeks old, lab mix, and she had a brother and a sister with her! It looks just like her! Was her name Gabby? Shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you pics of our girl!
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