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Michele McKnight

Marriage Proposal Gone Soooo Wrong!!!

It's hard enough proposing to someone, but for them to give you the opposite answer you're looking forward, and in front of "thousands" of people, that's gotta really suck!! I don't know who to feel more sorry for...the proposeror the proposee....urrggghhh Check it out & feel free to laugh, fry, or break the computer screen!

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05/30/2012 9:42PM
Marriage Proposal Gone Soooo Wrong!!!
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05/30/2012 10:47PM
Sure, I feel bad for both of them but you think they would have talked about taking that next step and if she already made it clear that she wasn't ready yet, DON'T PROPOSE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND THEIR COUSIN! Sooooooo painful and awkward to watch and yet hilarious at the same time!
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