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Mariah Carey Says Idol Experience Was "HELL"

Mariah Carey has opened up about her experience on American Idol, saying that it was "hell." As previously reported, the diva did not get along with fellow judge Nicki Minaj. In an NYC radio interview, MC said, "Honestly I hated it because . . . I was led to believe . . I was the first person signed on. . . . . I thought it was gonna be a three person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment and I was just like ok . . . you know Randy Jackson will be there, I've known him forever. , . , This wont be a big deal. This will be nothing, but it wasn't that. It was like hell. Like going to work everyday in hell with Satan.” Mariah laughed the added, "Nah, just playing. It didn't affect me that much. I was just disappointed." Mariah also admitted that she hates when people diss her hubby Nick Cannon, or call him "Mr. Mariah." She said, "I hate it! I'll be like, Was that necessary?" She also revealed that her two-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe will make their singing debut on her upcoming album, which will be out early 2014.

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