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Wes McKane's Blog

Love or hate?

A British theme park asked people what sounds they like the most . . . and which ones they hate. Here are the ten sounds we LIKE the most:

#1.) Waves crashing against rocks.

#2.) Rain hitting against windows.

#3.) The sound of people walking in snow.

#4.) Babies laughing.

#5.) Birds chirping.

#6.) A fire crackling.

#7.) People laughing.

#8.) Leaves crunching beneath your feet.

#9.) Cats purring.

#10.) Church bells in the distance.

--And here are the ten sounds we HATE the most:

#1.) Nails on a chalkboard.

#2.) Someone throwing up.

#3.) A car alarm.

#4.) A dentist's drill.

#5.) Someone spitting.

#6.) A yappy dog.

#7.) Screaming babies or children.

#8.) Someone talking with their mouth full.

#9.) Teeth grinding.

#10.) A knife grinding on a plate.

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08/30/2012 6:56AM
Love or hate?
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