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Alley Faith's Blog


Look who I ran in to!


Listen to this...I was working early on Saturday morning(I'm talking like 7 in the morning) and I turn around as I am sitting in the studio....and guess who is outside the window?  The Miller High Life guy!

Turns out, his name is Wendall and is a pretty cool guy.  He was in town for the Brewer game that night so I asked him a few questions.

I wanted to know how he got his job as the Miller guy.  He said that he was an actor in LA and just auditioned for the part!  Crazy!

Then I asked him if he gets drink beer on the job and he said...YES...DUH!

Finally I wanted to know if his one-second ads for the Superbowl were scripted or if he freestyled them.  He told me it was a little of both.  Pretty interesting!

Oh...and forgive me for looking like crap...it was Saturday morning!!

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06/02/2009 2:43AM
Look who I ran in to!
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06/02/2009 1:29PM
Kraig Karson
Are you sure that isn't the guy from the 80's movie "Action Jackson" who played the role of a bodyguard. Ps.. never heard of the Miller guy.
06/02/2009 8:21PM
Hey there Girl!!!! How are you????? I love to listen to you every morning. I really can't beleive that you have met Danny... I really hate you for that. J/k I met you once and you told me that I remind you of one of your friends. I justy feel bad for you putting up with the two guyts ....... J/k I love all of you.....
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