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Leigh McNabb's Blog

Posts from May 2013

Well, That's AWKWARD!!!
Watch Taylor Swift give the "ewww that's gross" look to Selena and Justin as they smooch backstage at the Billboard Awards!  HA!

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and AWKWARDNESS!!
Ben Lyons will host this Sunday's Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show at Turner Hall.  Listen to my interview with him to find out how to get free tickets...and then, of course...I make it awkward!!

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Just a Note of Thanks to you, Milwaukee!!
I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Milwaukee...yes, the city as a whole.  My mom came into town from Iowa this weekend.  It was the first time since I've been here that she has visited on her own for a full girl's weekend.  I so hoped she would love the Brew City as much as I do.  SUCCESS!!  I will tell you she left impressed and FULL!  I showed her around downtown, took her to some of my favorite restaurants and introduced her to some of my dearest friends.

Every city has a great restaurant or a pretty view to show off, but what I was most proud of was how friendly everyone was.  She kept commenting on how all of us "young kids" were so respectful and genuinely seemed to want to chat with her and I'm not just talking about my friends.  Everyone from the waitress at lunch to the clerk at the mall made me so proud to be in this city.

So, thanks to Milwaukee, the city, for making me proud...not that I didn't think you would.  It was important to me that my mama saw in you what I do!
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