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Posts from March 2013

I Think it's Time!!
Have you been thinking about trying something new?  Making more money doing something you actually enjoy...SHOCKING, I know!  It's possible and it's possible with Brensten Education!  

I had the opportunity to check out their newly remodeled school yesterday and I was blown away.  I remember going to lectures with 300 people in the dungeon-like basement of some ancient building listening to a professor drone on and on about...well...I have no clue what about.  NOT at Brensten!  Their classes are usually 12-15 people, in bright, high tech labs with HANDS ON LEARNING!  

This isn't a school with, like, 500 majors.  Brensten Education's focus is on getting you a job in Digital Marketing and/or Help Desk.  They will get you the certification you need to GET THE JOB!  If you follow their program you will succeed and they're not going to give up on you until you get that new job in your field!

Too good to be true?  NOPERS!  See for yourself.  They're having an open house Thursday, March 28th at 6p.  There will be free food and one lucky person will win FREE TUITION!  It's only going to take 45 minutes and could change your entire life.  Head to http://www.bse.edu to register.  

Still not convinced?  Take a look at student life on their facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/brensteneducation
This is your chance.  You got this!!
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