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Leigh McNabb's Blog

Posts from February 2013

Where My Girls At?

This past weekend was the quintessential girls weekend in my world. My favorite ladies from college drove and flew in from all over to spend some quality girl time together. I NEEDED IT! Sometimes it takes the honesty that can only be delivered by a group of your besties to bring you back to reality and help you escape it all at the same time.

We laughed. We ate. We reminisced. We ate again. And then, we ate while we laughed and reminisced. We were the loud table of "woo girls" at the restaurant and those dueling piano players didn't stand a chance against us and our incessant Carly Rae Jepsen requests.

My friendships with these ladies are some of the most special relationships in my life. They know me better than most and love me anyway. I would consider myself lucky to one relationship like this and am truly blessed to have eight.

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I Totes Want to be Part of this World
While there will be one and only one wedding in my life, I'm super ticked I didn't think of this when it was my turn!  Check out the best Disney wedding I've ever seen...and trust me...I've stalked a lot of them!

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