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Posts from December 2012

Do you want a FREE GAS CARD?!
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I LOVE Me Some KISSmas Bash!
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for coming out to KISSmas Bash 2012.  It's no secret KISSmas Bash is my fave KISS event of the year.  It's the guaranteed one time the entire KISS fam, along with friends and cool artists get together and party.  Thanks to everyone that came out!  See you next year!
Below are a few pics from the big event.  My fave pic is the first one - our KISS fam on stage with all of you!  The next pic is me backstage with openers, Megan and Liz!  Such sweet, fun girls who have yet to allow their fame to effect them.  They are down to Earth and best of all, great role models for their fans!  The final pic is us with our headliners, Train! 

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