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Posts from November 2012

A Great Cause and some Mediocre Singing
For the second year now, I've participated in a really fun fundraiser for the Agape Community Center of Milwaukee.  Would you like to help out?  Feel free to skip over track 11 as that's the one I sing on...YEP...it's a CD.  You don't have to like my singing to give to a great cause.  Agape serves thousands of meals to those less forunate in our community every year and the money raised from the sales of this CD go to that program.

If you'd like to buy a CD and contribute to a GREAT cause the link to the order form is below.  Agape will accept your donations year round so if music isn't your thing, the link to their website is below, too.  Happy Holidays!

CD Order Form -----> http://agape-center.org/User/agape/2011_Sing_For_Your_Supper_Flyer.pdf

Agape Website -----> http://agape-center.org/
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Love this!
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Time to Rock the Vote

One more day. 24 more hours. There seems to be a count down until this year's election is complete. I get it. The political TV ads are annoying. Their negativity is NOT what we need in our lives. The constant robo-calls or that one of a recorded Bill Clinton. Do you seriously believe I think you're calling me, Billy? UGH! We're tired of yard signs. Yep...I'll even say this...NO MORE POLITICAL RADIO ADS PLEASE!

Somewhere in all of this I think we've lost the point. This process is not about what might be inconveniencing you. It's not about unfriending someone on facebook because they liked the a status for the opposing candidate. This election, like every one before it in this country, is a privilege. We get a voice. We get a choice. We get the ability to discus, CIVILLY, our opinions. And, conversely, hear others opinions and learn from them.

Wednesday morning, as the dust settles and the losing candidates supporters begin their "we're moving to Canada" chorus, let's not forget what's truly important here. We may not all agree on being the left or the right but we can agree on a love for our country. We can agree to support and respect the office of the President of the United States of America. If we don't like who wins, we can, in a positive way, work to make our voices and concerns heard.
If you haven't already, I hope you take time tomorrow to vote. Vote for those who can't. Vote for those who fought for the right. Vote to have your voice heard.
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