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Leigh McNabb's Blog

Posts from October 2012

Who Have I Become?
Seriously...this is NOT the person I thought I was.  Behind closed doors.  And in WAY over my head.  Yep, I've become a fantasy football junkie.  This year I'm in two leagues and a college pick 'em.  SMH!

Now, I'll be honest, I have a little help from the gentlemen of our sister station, SportsRadio 1250 WSSP...a perk to having a sports station in the building, but, I have come a long way.  Recently, on Saturdays, you'll find me checking college football scores and making last minute trades on my FF teams.  This past Sunday, I set an alarm so I would remember to check a players status for his game in case I needed to make a last minute adjustment.  WTF?!

I never thought of myself as a competitive person...when it came to sporting event,s anyway...but more and more I'm taking advantage of the trash talk feature on each leagues chosen program.  Have you or someone you love fallen victim to this obsession?  HELP?!
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So...I Paid Someone to Shoot Me in the Face with Paint!
So, I have been on a show/concert binge for the past few months.  Tell me you're going to see "What's-His-Face" or "Who's-Your-Father" and I'm pretty much ALWAYS game to tag along.  This past Friday I hit up something totally new and AMAZEBALLS!  What used to be called "DayGlow" is now called "Life in Color" and it's basically a DJ spinning while people shoot paint at you.  Like cannons and guns full of pink, green, and yellow paint...IN YOUR FACE!

Check it out:
I have a bunch more shows on the way including:
- Paper Diamond at Turner Hall
- Justin Bieber at The Bradley Center
- Team Bayside High at The Library Club
- Knife Party and Tommy Trash at The Congress Theater in Chicago
- Pretty Lights in Bloomington, IL
- Life in Color at The Rave
- KISSmas Bash at The Rave

YES!  KISSmas Bash is one of, if not, my FAVE KISS events all year.  I love everyone coming together to party!  Tickets went on sale last Saturday for the show which currently includes Train.  But, you know we add people to the bill up to the day of the show. 

What's the best concert/show you've ever seen?  What's a MUST SEE ticket I should add to my list?
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Fall TV...BLAH!

So...I just asked Louis what I should blog about. His reply = "Me and how awesome I am!" My reply = "Uhh...NO!"

Instead I shall blog about something I'm much more passionate about...TV (ooohhhhhh BUUUURN!). Anyone else finding the fall premieres a lil lackluster? I have tried on one, count it one, new show for size this season. It's the syfy-ish show "Revolution." I seem to latch onto a show like this every season and EVERY SEASON it's canceled. Examples include "Terra Nova," "The Event," "FlashForward," etc. I'm reading that "Revolution" is doing well thus far...we shall see.

Other than that, I've not added one other newbie to my DVR line up. I'm super pumped to have "New Girl" "Modern Family," and "How I Met Your Mother" back. What I'm really waiting for is "The Vampire Diaries" and "Jersey Shore." The hotness of TVD is back October 11th. DAMON! SWOON! Sorry...I'm back. Jersey Shore, the final season (tear), is back this Thursday the 4th.

What are you watching? Anything new added to your lien-up this season?

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