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Leigh McNabb's Blog

Put a lil WHAT WHERE?

Paula Deen lip balm in butter flavor....uhhhhh.....

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Bieber Fever has Spread to our Youth

Yep, the youngin's love J. Biebs. But even a lad with the Bieber Fever knows a crazy hair do when he sees it. Peep this cutey and his reaction to The Biebs new style.

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New Bruno for Twilight

If you're like me, you've made a paper chain and are carefully removing one link each day until the next Twilight flick. We've been the promo. Now, some music for the soundtrack from KISS artist Bruno Mars. SWOONING!!!! OMG!!!!!

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Anniversary Celebratin' Time

Nothin' but the best for my man!
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Yesterday's Big Show Was...

OK, it was football.  But a SUPER close second was the return of GLEE.  Check it ------>

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My Fave Christmas Gift Arrives Dec. 6th

We're getting a second season of "THE SING OFF!"  My fave show for multiple reasons including my LOVE for show/jazz choir and the fact that it's hosted by my boyfriend, Nick Lachey.

Check out this lil teaser from the first ep.  It's a mensgroup called "On the Rocks" and they KILL this Lady Gaga! 

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Check out my SA-WEET Ride from Concours Motors!!

Lovin' my Jetta from Concours Motors!!!!  Super affordable lease on this car available right now at Concours.
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Kanye and Karma

Did you catch Kanye in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?  Not the warmest of welcomes.  While I never want anyone to get booed, the chanting of "TAY-LOR, TAY-LOR" cracked me up.

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Ummm...that's embarrassing...

Rihanna was on a talk show recently and filled us in on an embarrassing waxing experience.  Sometime I forget that she's funny, too!

I had a similar experience once. I was visiting the doc for a yearly encounter. During the procedure she insisted on talking about my morning show co-host, Steve.  NOT the person I wanted to be thinking about at that moment. I never went back!
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Gleekin' Out...

This is, seriously, the BEST rendition of any song GLEE has ever done.  Sure, the cute boys help but the A Capella version is HOT!  Can't wait!

I think I love this show so much cause I was a MAJOR choir nerd in high school. Hey, I LOVE music. If this show had been big when I was in HS, I would have had a lot more street cred, for sure!!
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Remember this one?

Check out Jamie Foxx around the 2:10 mark!

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Allow me to do a lil waxing of the nostalgia

LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Turn Back the Clock Weekend" on KISS this weekend.  I can remember where I was or what was going on when each and every tune was popular.  Whoomp was my fave dance tunage at the Jr. High mixers (DATING MYSELF HERE!).  Biggy was a staple on Bill Bellamy's MTV JAMZ countdown every afternoon after 7th grade.  You know I"m obsessed with every boy band on the planet!!!!

Used to dance to this one in my parents family room. My fave part is Left Eye's rap...I could throw down those fat beats in my sleep! ;-)

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So glad the cat's out of the bag...

Mariah Carey was on Ellen this week.  Now that's she's confirmed she's preggo it seem to be the only thing we can talk about.  Side note - I'm a disaster in high heels...let alone preggers.  YOWZA!!!  Another side note - BOOBS, like WOE!
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This kills me...

People are looking into the studio window wondering why I'm laughing so hard.  This is why...

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