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Leigh McNabb's Blog

I MEAN REALLY????!!!!!!??!!??!?!

I CAN'T TAKE IT! Get me The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie NOW!

Here's a lil something to tide us over. From the soundtrack to the flick, it's Christina Perri's, A Thousand Years.


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Ready for Season 5?

I am! Yeah, Buddy!! Here's a lil Jersey Shore sneaky peeky!!!

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Usher rips one...

and I'm OK with it!!!

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New Boys R N'SYNC on the Block...HANSON...

Is this real? Former N'SYNCer, Lance Bass, has put together the latest boy band extravaganza...uhhh....

OK, listen, I'm the biggest boy band crazy out there. But, is this real? The blond with the "Flock of Seagulls" hairdid is a bit much. Thoughts?

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You Go Girl!!!!

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Tonight's GLEE Looks...


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Can't Flippin' Wait

I don't think I took a breath during this entire trailer. CAN NOT WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN (part 1)!

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That Confusing English Language...

I realize the BASS in Nicki Minaj's "Super BASS" does, in fact, look like the same word for the popular gamefish. However, to my knowledge, Nicki is singing about tones of low frequency or range...NOT THIS ---->

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DWTS Cast List

This season's Dancing With The Stars" cast isn't officially announced until tonight.  This is what I'm hearing...


Nancy Grace - TV host and avid "Tot Mom" basher

Kristin Cavallari - MTV reality star. Was engaged to Bears QB, Jay Culter. That didn't work out.

Ricki Lake - Had a talk show. Recently released a documentary of her giving birth...gross!

Chynna Phillips - I'll be playing my Wilson Phillips tape on repeat...oh wait, tapes don't have repeat...anyway "Hold on for one more day..."

Hope Solo - American soccer goalkeeper

Elisabetta Canalis - Not sure what she's going to claim she's famous for. We only know her cause she dated George Clooney!

David Arquette - Duh!

Rob Kardashian - 'bout time he did something

Ryan O'Neal - Actor and notoriously bad father

J.R. Martinez - Actor, Motivational Speaker, Soldier

Chaz Bono - Cher and Sonny Bono's daughter...well, she was their daughter...now she's their son. You get it!

Ron Artest - Currently plays basketball with the Lakers.

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Man Surprises GF w/ their Wedding...Hmmmmm...

I have mixed feelings on this one. Yes, it's romantic and there's no hurry up and wait in the planning process. BUT, almost every girl dreams of planning her own wedding. Thoughts?

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Another morning at 103.7 KISS FM. Wes and Rahny - watch your backs...


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The Gigs give me the Gigs!!!!

This makes me feel like more a professional. If this happens to A.C., I'm a regular Barbara Walters!!

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Fall TV Promos are Here...

And the first I'm super excited about is Grey's. Check it out...

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Did Steve Urkel Attend the School of Wes McKane?

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J. Biebs has Never Sounded so Good!

Meet Rylie. She's my BFF's neice and a rising star. America's Got Talent, here she comes!!

I'd like to think I was there in the beginning - whilst this craft was developing. Here we are working on her act for her Christian school talent show.

I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."
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Brit's pole dance for BF, Jason

Tuesday night at Britney's NYC show, boyfriend, Jason Trawick, got a special treat. Honestly, he doesn't seem that impressed.

Loves to my girl, Shan, for the video scoop!!!

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Weekend Motivation

Super, lazy cuteness!!!!!

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Prepping for the HPATDH2

The Harry Potter kids become "American"...HILARIOUS!

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Lookin' for a Cat in Heat!

Which one of the 103.7 KISS FM gents would be a purrfect match for this kitten?

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Best Vid Evah!!

This is why MTV needs to show videos again! How many cameos can you pick out?

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Seriously FREAKING out...

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New Summerfest Noshing...

JSOnline has revealed the new yum yums at this year's Summerfest. Let's face it, top two priorities are live music and food/bev consumption - in that order!

New nibbles include:

- Trinity is new the The Fest with shepherd's pie, reuben rolls, Irish nachos and a corned beef sandwich.

- Zaffiro's Pizza Co. will serve thin-crust pizzas and salads.

- Pitch's new item is the French Fried Corn Chip Pie...No clue what that is!

- New bevs: MGD 64 Lemonade, Prairie Fume wine from the Wollersheim Winery, Yellow Tail wines and Domaine Ste. Michelle champagne
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GLEE fans meet Mini Warbler


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Bruno Mars and Eminem?

Whatcha think?

WARNING - Potty mouth included in said tune!

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Golden Rule...

Post unto others as they would post unto you.

Loved this from last Sat.'s SNL

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Hangover II

We've got sneak peak passes to The Hangover II all weekend on 103.7 KISS FM.  Have you seen the trailer?  CAN'T FLIPPIN' WAIT!!!

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Playing Mother Nature's Game of Weather Roulette

High 80s yesterday. Mid 50s today. Milwaukee "spring" has me a bit confused...a state in which I'm used to being. Not confusing, is the fact that if it's weren't for Dr. Gary Steven and the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center, I'd be sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing my way through the season change. Sexy!

Let Mother Nature be the difficult one, not you and your allergies. Check Dr. Steven's WEBSITE to see what an allergy free world looks like. There are videos on the site detailing your first visit and if needed, what allergy testing entails.

Rain this weekend = BOO! Giant, uninterrupted breathes of post rain air = ahhh...spring!
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Friday the 13th

Just another day at 103.7 KISS FM = Wes...naked...AGAIN!

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Adele + GLEE = Fabooshness!!

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Does this iron lung make me look sexy?

There are women that get paid good money to talk with a raspy voice like the one I'm sporting today.  Instead, I sound like this...

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 2

The official trailer!  Can't wait!!!

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Warren G is growing his...career...

Warren G seems to be "handy with the steel if you know what I mean!" Check his latest endeavour --->

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Look out Nicki Minaj...Here comes Karmin!

Meet Karmin and her fiance, Nick. Karmin learned this Chris Brown, Busta, Lil Wayne tune, "Look at me Now" while singing in the shower. LOVES IT!

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Happy Birthday BK!!

Our fearless leader, Brian Kelly, has a very special bday today.  See if you can guess how old he is based on this classic SNL skit.  And might I add, BK pulls off these moves way better than Sally O'Mally!!

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Reason #8420765 Why Rescue Dogs are THE BEST

I have lots of great contacts with animal rescue organizations in the Milwaukee area. Let me know if you need some info!!
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Best She's Ever Sounded Live...

and smokin' hot, too!  Peep Rhi Rhi on AI last night.

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Watch and Believe

Nothin' he can't do. He's Mickey effin Mouse!

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Do I Dare Say it Out Loud?

I hate to say it out loud for fear of jinxing it, but spring seems to kicking into gear.  That giant orange ball in the sky we've been missing for months, is popping in more often, there's a frequent light breeze and dare I say, THE SNOW HAS MELTED!  However, for some, where there's good, there's bad...allergy flair ups, pollen overload and asthma wheezes.

Spring is my favorite season and it could be yours, too.  Stop hiding from the beautiful Milwaukee spring and go visit my friend Dr. Gary Steven at The Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center.  Dr. Steven offers specialized testing with advanced diagnostic techniques.  If pollen is your nemesis, Dr. Steven updates www.MilwaukeePollen.com with daily pollen counts.  Plus, Dr. Steven has brought his own childhood allergies and asthma under complete control - he can do the same for you!

Contact Dr. Steven at The Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center today. Call him at 414-529-8500 or click HERE to visit his website. It's time you got out there and enjoyed this beautiful weather...now, fingers crossed it lasts!! :-)
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Battle of the Electonic Voices

Brit Brit with Rhi Rhi on this version of S&M.  Thoughts?

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Probs Illegal for MANY Reasons...

Just another FRIDAY morning commute!

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Goonie's Never say WHEEZE!

I've been a Goonie since I was in third grade.  No, I never befriended Sloth, did the truffle shuffle (although I could have) or got to steal jewels from One-Eyed Willy.  Asthma in elementary school isn't cool so I called my inhaler my "goonie' due to Mikey's excessive "puffing" in the 80s classic flick. 


Boy do I wish I'd had Dr. Gary Steven by my side back in the day.  He has successfully brought his own childhood asthma and allergies under control and could do the same for you and/or your child.  Dr. Steven's office is child friendly and offers state of the art testing to get your child diagnosed and feeling better in no time.

You can reach Dr. Steven at 414-529-8500 or click HERE to check out Dr. Steven's website.
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All the boys together on their first official single. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. THIS. SHOW!!!!!

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This might have just made my life!

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Gaga's Gone Country...and I don't hate it...

Thoughts? Think country radio will play it?

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Will you Watch?

I'll admit.  I've been touting this as an American Idol knock-off.  But this promo shows there's a bit of a twist and now I'm intrigued.  What do you think?

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No, it really is Friday!

It's catchy.  You can't help it...you're singing it right now aren't you?    I am.

Not sure why everyone is hatin' on Rebecca Black.  She's flippin' 13.  This is way more productive than anything I was doing at 13. 

OK, OK, I'll stop small talking.  May as well play the tune...that you've been singing the entire time you read this.  ;-)

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A Day in the Life...

Just another day at 103.7 KISS FM

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Love this guy...

When we first started playing Jeremih "Down on me" I couldn't figure out why it sounded so familiar.  It was new...how could I have heard it before?  Then I remember my boy, Keenan, and his crazy vids.  Keenen had the hook up from the special guest in the video and had the song early. 

Peep Keenan and said "special guest" here. BTW, this vid has been viewed over 25 MILLION times!

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Kim Kardashian's New Single

OK, so it's not AWFUL!  She'd beat Heidi Montag Pratt in HaZe's KISS KOMBAT.  Let me know what you think of Kim's "JAM (TURN IT UP"

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First Original GLEE Tunage

Couple new tunes from the GLEE kids.  There's a slow ballad with Lea Michele but I prefer this pop anthem-esque song from the cast.  It's called "Loser Like Me."  NOT BAD!!  Anyone else hear a little Avril in here?

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Two things you need to know...

1. The Tripoli Shrine Circus is in town. 

2.  Apparently, elephants make me uncomfortable.

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Gaga Girl on Today's Ellen

Over 10 million hits on the YouTube video of Maria Aragon singing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way!"  The original video is below in my blog.  Here's Maria on today's Ellen.  I heart her!!

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Time Suck

Urban Dictionary defines a time suck as "Something that's engrossing and addictive, but that keeps you from doing things that are actually important, like earning a living, or eating meals, or caring for your children."  Below is my time suck for the day...

This video called "Animal Beatbox" is the 2011 winner of Tropfest, the world's largest short film contest.
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This is what I'm doing this afternoon...

Either my friends have forgotten how very little coordination I have or they're going to get the last laugh.
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Ummm...L.O.V.E. this Girl!!

Best Gaga cover, by far, and she's only 10 years old.  Over 1.4 million YouTube hits.  Even Gaga is a fan!

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Don't be a Drag, Just be a Queen!!

Lady Gaga on Leno last night. Here's the full interview including her thoughts on being compared to Madonna.

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Your Thoughts on the Grammys?

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What Happens in Bangkok...will be HILARIOUS!

CAN.NOT.WAIT!!  Peep Hangover II

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Flash Mob with a Message!

So, the flash mob thing may be getting a lil' played out.  But this one not only uses Bruno Mars and cute kids - it also carries an anti-bullying message with it.  Check the kids from David Lloyd George Elementary and Churchill Secondary School in Toronto and the message on their t-shirts.

You done good, kiddos!!

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New GLEE Tour Announced

New GLEE tour announced and, of course, NO WI DATE!  UGH!  Below are the dates thus far.  Tix for the general public on sale Sat. Feb.  19th at 10AM.  Visual GLEE treats after tour dates ------>

May 21 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Event Center

May 22 Sacramento, CA Arco Arena

May 24 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion

May 27 Anaheim, CA Honda Center

May 28 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

May 29 San Diego, CA Valley View Casino Center

June 1 Minneapolis, MN Target Center

June 2 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse

June 3 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena

June 6 Boston, MA TD Garden

June 8 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

June 11 Toronto, Canada Air Canada Centre

June 13 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills

June 14 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena

June 16 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center

June 18 Uniondale, NY Nassau Colliseum

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Even a mullet looks good under a wedge of cheese!

The clothing and hair are killin' me in this one.  Love the reference to the futuristic year 2000.

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Smooth Moves...

I'm toads pullin' this one out at the bar on Saturday!

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Milwaukee in the News AGAIN...

I love me a good piano bar but this is something new...And am I hearing the reporter correctly?  Purchased in Milwaukee?

Side note - That reporter looks like an ex boyfriend of mine. That is all...
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Is World Domination Next??

Not only has Katy Perry confirmed a show for Summerfest at the Marcus, July 7th, she's also doing a guest spot on one of my fave TV shows.  Below are some pics from Katy's upcoming cameo on "How I Met Your Mother!" 




Catch Katy's HIMYM ep on Feb. 7th.

Win tickets to Katy's Summerfest show with Wes, Rahny and Alley all this week at 7:20AM.  Tickets on sale this Sat. the 29th.

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When in Rome...

Guess I should post something "Packerish"...equal air time laws, right?
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For My Bears Fans!

All these new Green and Yellow tunes ain't got nothin' on the original. I think it's time for Shuffle 2011!!!

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I don't want to Sound Selfish but...

What does this mean for my NKOTBSB tour?


Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean, has checked himself into rehab, again.  McLean has struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction in the past.  This will be his third trip to rehab.  Fingers crossed the third time really is the charm.  Get well soon, Love!

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HaZe's Long Lost Brother?

Meet Chet Haze aka Chester Hanks...HaZe's long lost brother and/or Tom Hank's son.  HaZe - Is this Top 8 at 8 worthy?

Chester Hanks Chet Haze is a student at Northwestern and really is Tom Hanks' son.
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Gangsta Granny

LOVE THIS!  Katy Perry and hubby, Russell Brand took Katy's 90 year old grandma out in Vegas last night to celebrate her big bday.  Check out the P.I.M.P. cane Granny's rockin'.  BLING IT!!


In other K.P. news, Katy will be performing at the Grammy's next month and is nominated for four awards.  GOOD LUCK, Pussycat!
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The New Brit Brit Tune

**UPDATE - Rumor has it Brit's new album will be released March 15th.  The Sony site is offering pre-orders right now.  CAN'T FLIPPIN' WAIT!

Personally, great dance track...lyrics could have used a lil work.  HOWEVS - deep lyrics not necessary dancing in da club, right?!


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Now THIS is a Wedding!

A flash mob wedding? Even brought a lil tear to my eye! LOVES IT!

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I Would Catch a Mermaid for you...

Bruno Mars killed on Ellen this week. I could give you the performance...but why not check out the screwing around Ellen and Bruno did in their sound check. You mean stars are real people too? WEIRD!!

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Are we watching this?

I might be over it. I'll give it one ep and if I'm not impressed, I'm bailing. This was a bit intriguing, though!

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GLEE + Bruno Mars = Melting Girls Everywhere!!

I posted this a month or so ago and thought I would repost now that the Bruno version is officially a hit. LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!

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Farewell to Favre

He says this year didn't work out the way we would have hoped...yeah - not really.  However, here's the final retirement of Brett Favre...THE WHOLE THING...

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My Future Child...

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Bottoms up...LITERALLY!!

Where can I get one of these?

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And they're back...HOLLA!!!

CAN NOT FLIPPIN' WAIT!  Makes me feel so normal!  ;-)

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Em and Weezy kill SNL

Sat. night's musical guests

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Sweet A Cap version of Rihanna

I'm obsessed with "The Sing Off!"  So, I was super pumped when I found this killer acapella version of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)."

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The Estrogen Event of the Year

I heart Chelsea Handler - big time!!  Last night on her show she had Miss Nicki Minaj - who recently scored the second-highest sales week for a female hip hop recording artist, behind Lauren Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauren Hill" in 1998.

Warning:  There's a whole lotta booty and "tude in this clip!  LOVE IT!

Side note: Nicki is hosting an NYE party at The Mansion in Miami. Not only has The Mansion redecorated their entire club in pink for Ms. Minaj, they have also ordered Nicki-esque butt pads for the staff. I WANT ONE!

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Since leaving the Jersey Shore, Angelina has been doing all she can to hang on to her 15 minutes of "fame."  First there was this chart-topping, mega hit:

Which reminds me a lot of this tune from the highly underrated, teen movie sensation, "Teen Witch:"

Anyway, now Angelina is looking into the wonderful world of porn. GAG! Vivid has offered her $50,000 up front to star in a Jersey Shore themed porno film. And, even better, Snooki's ex, Jeff Miranda, has said he'd like to star in the flick, too.

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Katy Perry "Firework" with armpit hair?

This guy literally walked into the Apple store, taped this and walked out.  Hilarious!!

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I'm just getting around to a few GLEE eps that have been stacking up in my DVR and I have discovered my new favorite song.  AND, to make things even better, it's a Bruno Mars song.  That means, we'll get to hear it at the KISSmas Bash!!  LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!  No music video YET, but here's Bruno doing the song and the GLEE version from Kurt and Finn's parent's wedding two weeks ago.

Marry Me by Brono Mars

AND, the amazeballs, GLEE version
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Check out my SA-WEET Ride from Concours Motors!!

Lovin' my Jetta from Concours Motors!!!!  Super affordable lease on this car available right now at Concours.
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A preview of the preview

For the first time in a LONG time I'm WAY WAY WAY pumped for this weekend's American Music Awards. That would be because my boys, NKOTB and BSB will be giving us a sneak peak of what's in store for us on their tour. Perez Hilton has leaked their set for the AMAs :

Backstreet's Back

Hangin' Tough

I Want it That Way

Step by Step

Right Stuff

Larger than Life

Sounds like they'll be closing the show, too! Catch the AMAs this Sunday at 7p on
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OK, I didn't say she wasn't. I just said that wasn't a big belly

We discussed this earlier in the week on my blog.  While I still don't think her tummy constitutes baby bump it is official.  Here's her announcement and fantastic interview with my gurl, Ellen.

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Princess Leigh - has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Ok, so I'm obsessed with British Royal culture...OK, British culture in general.  When I graduated from college I moved to London for awhile on my quest to become a REAL princess.  I've long thought of myself as royalty but I knew the only way all would see through my eyes was if the crown jewels were mine.  I failed and moved back stateside two months later.  However, there way ALWAYS a glimmer of hope....until today. 

It's official - Waity Katie waits no more.  Kate Middleton and Prince Wills are officially betrothed.  Guess there's always the red headed one...he's looking cuter today.

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Ummm...that's embarrassing...

Rihanna was on a talk show recently and filled us in on an embarrassing waxing experience.  Sometime I forget that she's funny, too!

I had a similar experience once. I was visiting the doc for a yearly encounter. During the procedure she insisted on talking about my morning show co-host, Steve.  NOT the person I wanted to be thinking about at that moment. I never went back!
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A lil Nicki Minaj Preview

Her album "Pink Friday" is out November 22nd.  What's all the hype about?  Check it out, my friend!

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