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Wes McKane's Blog

Ladies, are you afraid to get old???

WOMEN START WORRYING ABOUT LOOKING OLD AT 29: Women begin to worry about sagging breasts, wrinkles and thinning hair when they're just 29. At 29 women start trying to look young again. It's also when they tend to find their first grey hair. 33 percent of women worry about going grey, and thinning hair is a major worry for three in 10.


1. Getting wrinkles
2. Sagging face
3. Sagging boobs
4. Facial hair
5. Going grey
6. Middle aged spread
7. Wrinkly cleavage
8. Thinning hair
9. Sagging butts
10. Bingo wings
11. Wrinkly hands
12. Getting a double chin
13. Thread veins
14. Getting crow's feet
15. Receding gums
16. Getting age spots on hands
17. Thinning lips
18. Receding hair line
19. Bigger moles
20. Bigger ears

10/12/2012 6:57AM
Ladies, are you afraid to get old???
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